Killing Myself No More

Assalamualaikum wbt

Status (YM/FB): Killing myself

Syikin: Don’t be KS.
Khairul Zainal: Sabar KS.
Ehsan: Kupu-kupu. Chill out~

(We were discussing about our project. At the end of the discussion…)
Fizy: Ok la
Fizy: Don’t kill yourself
Fizy: Tak baik
Fizy: Masuk neraka
Fizy: ^^
Me: (Smiley)
Fizy: Haha

Kris: Don’t kill yourself.
Me: (Smiley)
Me: Kidding only.
Me: Was very moody last night.
Kris: Good.
Kris: (Smiley)
Me: (Smiley)
Kris: Let me know if you want to talk.
Kris: (Smiley)
Me: Thanks a lot Kris. For your concern.
Kris: No problem. My number is ***
Me: Ok. Saved!
Me: (Smiley)
Kris: May you be well and happy.
Me: Thank you!
Kris: If it’s about people, I read in the quran that the prophet said
Kris: It is better to be alone if most of the people around you are ignorant when you do what is good. Don’t be sad because of that.
Me: You’re right. that’s exactly what the prophet said. It’s not in the quran but in the hadis (the prophet’s words).
Kris: Yeah.
Kris: Hadis.
Me: Well, obviously it’s all about people.
Me: But I take it from the positive side.
Me: Perhaps God wants me to be more independent. So He colors my life with such flavors
Me: To teach me the life lesson.
Kris: And if people laughed at you, they do so because you are someone more worthy than them.
Kris: God has eyes and He sees everything.
Me: Yeah.
Kris: Don’t worry. Just walk your path.
Me: Very true. He sees everything.
Me: Thanks for the word.
Me: Really appreciate it.
Me: When people stab us from behind and leave us alone
Me: No word can tell it enough how you feel inside.
Me: But God does know how to console us.
Kris: Pleasure is all mine
Me: (Smiley)

Reza: The last person I ever expected to appear suicidal in public is you. Cheer up!
Me: Merci beacoup Reza.

Sometimes, word has enough power to heal your soul.
Spasiba druzyami. Mnye pavezlo shto u menya vi vsye.
Killing myself no more. Life is so wonderful to treasure.

Note: Don’t get me wrong. ‘Killing myself’ is just a term that I use to show I’m pulling myself away from the public. That is it.

17 Responses to “Killing Myself No More”

  1. chmod says on :

    waaaaaaaaaaaa…sampai cam tu!!!!!!!!
    Let me know if you want to talk. this my number: 123456789..tekan2 tak dapat!huh!!! stop! sabar..sabar tu ubat untuk mengatasi segalanya…ujian datang dalam pelbagai bentuk..hadapi ujian dgn sabar dan cekal..tu je boleh cakap


  2. chmod says on :

    dont kill-kill arrr!!!!…


  3. NoktahHitam says on :

    I dont have kind words to reflect your feelings. But if you have to kill yourself, do it in front of your parents.

    (Oh my.. my wicked mind is speaking!)

    Once in a while we stumble, but we have to pick ourselves up because no one would.

    Salam lebaran.


  4. akak says on :

    Ketika segalanya menjadi sesuatu yang tidak masuk akal dan kita merasa tertekan… Allah pasti sentiasa bersama untuk menenangkan kita…insya Allah.

    dah-dah la mood killing2 nie..sekarang nie memang raya korban..tapi tak nak yg ‘terkorban’ tu kita pulak. Kita tukar mood yg okay sket yek..sila tekan suis yg colour ceria tu..:)


  5. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    awat entri neh?
    chill, mate


  6. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Dulu2 saya selalu percaya, untuk telefon ke syurga, ini nombornya: 56-24434-3-2. Ok. Sangat takde kaitan.

    If I kill myself in front of my parents, Im not merely kill myself but also my parents. U proved that u have wicked mind. But only half of it.

    Akak mesti dah baca kat situ kan? Dan mesti dah faham sikit2 kan?

    Izu….. Rindu kamu!!!!! Eh, Im chill what. Macho as usual =p (baru je tadi teringat2 nak hantar email, nak tanya macam2, nak tengok gambar raya, aishh, macam2lah. Tup2 awak menjelma. Ngeehee)


  7. jatbee says on :

    chill aaa HO pon blom..xthrill la u~~hahaha


  8. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    There’s nothing related to it la Jat.


  9. CriticalThinker says on :

    sarah o sarah takmo la emo2 ea. sarah kan handsome.


  10. NoktahHitam says on :

    Feeling a bit better doc?

    Whether I read it wrongly in the first place or you edited the post. Whatever it is, you’re one lucky girl. You have so many friends supporting you, and Im dead sure you wont let anyone down. You go girl!

    But if you were to retract yourself from public, keep blogging.

    ps: If I were to be full blown wicked, I wouldnt be wicked. I’ll be sadistic.


  11. Inah says on :

    sarah yg macho!! life is short to be a misery..look at your life in different perspective and you may find small little things that can make you happy 🙂

    away from public is not a good way to express the sorrow..loneliness will kill you slowly..

    take a good care of yourself my lil sis

    a big hug from adelaide 😉


  12. dila says on :

    Salam Kak Sarah~

    I dedicated this song for you…

    >>I HOPE YOU DANCE by Ronan Keating<<

    pi cari sendiri lagu tu na..hihi

    p/s: keep 'dancing'!


  13. Khairul says on :

    words have healing power, eh?

    then i’ll say it to you, a thousang times over:
    sabar ks~~~


    nanti kalau saya emo, turn ks lak memberi kata2 semangat, tahu! ho3


  14. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Adakah tidak normal jika ada terasa hati?

    Erm. Which part that u refer to? I just added the footnote. Adeh. I laughed reading ur last line. And I bet u smiled too when jotting it down. Huhu. If it was so, ur blog would now full with melancolic stories =p

    Kak Inah:
    Ala.. Saya bukan emo ke apa. Its just that once in a while this feeling does come by. Nak buek camno laie kan.

    Alaa. Ni yang tak best ni when people misunderstood my intention. Never mind. Anyway, the song sounds good. Thanks Dila.

    That word really cool me down. Ni yang sayang Khairul nih 😉 ps: waktu dapat comment di FB, ks terjaga dr tido awal pagi smlm. Reading the line, then I smiled =)


  15. chmod says on :

    gud morning kak sarah!! 😀
    waaaaa..56-24434-3-2 nie code rahsia nie..agen resikan rusia selalu guna..kena call putin skrg juga! :p:p.. mud kak sarakh dah okey ke skrg? chill out dude!


  16. Ainul Arina Madhiah says on :


    kadang-kadang allah beri kita masalah untuk upgrade kan kekuatan diri kita. hopefully phase of “killing yourself” may give you more strength to face the all the problems.. tapi jangan lama-lama… karang hanyut.. ^_^

    p/s: ks kan kuat.. so, jgn cepat mengalah sis! allahu ma’ak.. allahu yuktikal ‘afiyah..

    ~eid mubarak. Kullu ‘am wa antum bikheir~


  17. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    sy menjelma jer terus lupe hantar email n nak tgk gambar yer..
    nnt awak jeles nnt tgk gmbar kitorang..
    ala tp mmg nak bg awak jeles pon kan, dgn niat nak share..hahahah..
    gambar tu smue sudah ade dlm laptop..cumenye tak upload ke dunia internet lagi..nak blogging pon cam dah tak sempat n kekeringan idea.. 🙁


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