Relationship and Marriage

Assalamualaikum wbt

People said, the best model in our life is the closest person who is always be able to be seen and to talk to. The same goes for me. I always have my mother as my role model in order to be a genuine lady and perhaps one day as a good mother as good as she is, insya Allah. As time flies, I learn how to be a quiet person, as in we see and observe more but we talk less. It is all from her. Friends of my father described my mother as a sweet quiet woman yet she contributes a lot for the family as well as in her career as a teacher. I always have my father as my role model in term of how to handle life and to see life beyond its limits. I wonder how he was able to go through all circumstances that came along throughout his journey so far. People who know my father well would say that he is an outspoken person yet always comes along with the problems that he is up to and overcomes it with all his efforts.

26 years has gone by and I have seen they both perfectly run the family through thick and thin. 2 years ago, I learned about love and loyalty from my father. I called back home when I was in a crucial mood of feeling lonely. I hate to remember those days anymore but my point of telling this story is how shocked I was when listening to my father’s reply. I complained to him about my life here was so empty and there was no one that I could really turn to or really trust in. Those were the reason why I felt so at that particular time. I kind of merengek that I was so lonely. I cried to him in addition. But I was shocked when he said:

“Ayah lagi sunyi. Mak hang takdak 2 hari, ayah takdak sapa nak cakap. Ayah takdak kawan. Kalau mak ada, tu la kawan ayah.”

I asked him, where did mom go. He told me that my mother was away to attend a seminar in Genting. Ok. I paused. I should have not complained over things which were only small and simple compared to that kind of feeling lonely when our other half was not with us. I tried hard to put myself in that situation. And I came to a conclusion, loosing a circle of friends is nothing much compared to loosing someone that merely with him or her that we can have our life. Nothing else can beat his or her existence by our side.

And yesterday, I called home again. Actually my father and I have been hiding one thing from my mother regarding my health problem (Ok, don’t take it serious. I’m not gonna die too soon insya Allah). But it turned out that my mother knew it all. I wonder how could she. In the first place, I thought that it is always possible that my father shares the story with her (as he always does) but I did warn him not to tell mom. But then my mother told me she knew about it when she read the messages in my father’s mobile. I toyed her that she spied on ayah, is it. She replied:

“It’s the matter that ayah believes me to open his inbox and read all messages whenever I feel to.”

Nah. There I paused again. And yesterday, I learned about trust and again, love.

I have just bumped in my friend’s blog talking about relationship and marriage and this kind of stuffs. Well as a conclusion, I myself will never hesitate to say that I have learnt a lot about life from my parent. In term of relationship and marriage, who wants it to be ended real soon right. Everyone in this world tight themselves with such commitment because they don’t want to spend their future life alone. Sincerely I don’t want it to happen on me too. Being a perfectionist is not a problem to find a good partner in our life. As we all concerned, we have to find one correct person that understands us best in order to achieve the meaning of a happy and blessed marriage that lasts long.

As what I have learnt so far, lower our ego to compensate our perfectionism with his or her style is a good start. Don’t always think that we are correct and they are not. Instead, try to apply give and take and strengthen our trust and loyalty towards our partner. This way, we can always shot the best in relationship even though we are thousands-miles-few-hours apart. The distance doesn’t matter anymore as long as we keep them good and close in our heart, days and nights. Trust and loyalty must always there to make it work. And the best is always our prayer to Allah, to keep the relationship strong and to ask for His bless here and hereafter.

To my mother, Hajjah Noor Azimah Kamaruddin, Happy Mother’s Day. And to Adik Azizi, my congratulation for the second place in the state level of Tilawah Competition. You are kicking and will pray that you will continue kicking the world, bro!

16 Responses to “Relationship and Marriage”

  1. Ainul Arina says on :

    so sweet… ^_^
    (tgh takde keje..)


  2. myfisol says on :


    selamat hari ibu untuk semua ibu2..bro doakan sarah akan mempunyai keluarga sendiri yang bahagia nanti..ehem2..bila tu?…apa2 pun setuju ibubapa sendiri yang bahagia adalah role model yang terbaik…:)


  3. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    ‘As what I have learnt so far, lower our ego to compensate our perfectionism with his or her style is a good start.’
    read this somewhere ~wink~

    will later definitely speak up my thought on ur comment. appreciate it, indeed


  4. Rynn Cowbra says on :

    sarah, lau rynn lelaki kan,sarah nak x kawen ngan ryn?



  5. Muhammad Khairul says on :

    how, romantic. how sweet

    make we wanna wish i could have KS family ^^


  6. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    i realized that perfectionism wont lead u to become bold in relationship kot. it is just the matter of not yet ready to commit.

    once u r ready, the perfectionism can be tolerated to suit with the relationship thingy..

    (cakap ni serupe bikin ke)


  7. one says on :

    Insya Allah,tak lama dah tu
    Nanti praktis,and make it so perfect……(:


  8. Farah says on :

    kak sarah, ayah Farah pun cakap dia boring bila mama Farah tak de. Dia kata mama is his best friend. uwaa!! mencurah plak airmata ku ini. Tapi mama tak tau…keh keh keh!

    hurm…pasal mak akak baca sms inbox ayah akak tu kan, hahah! comel…*wink*wink*


  9. faisal says on :

    slm sarah,
    selamat hari ibu juga buat mak sarah..:)mak sarah bleh jadi ibu mithali tau..:) bila bicara pasal mak ni kekadang bleh buat air mata keluar tanpa sedar..:) dulu, even ganas2pun bila memalam nak tido kekadnag teringatkan mak..nak call takde kredit, tau sarah rindukan makkan? heheh..takpela, sat je lagi..pasni bleh tidoq bawah ketiak mak eh,hihii..


  10. Ejalz says on :

    that’s right sarah, “give and take” is most important consideration in a relationship; in fact in any relationship.
    percaya atau tidak, ia perlukan masa.. bukan setakat sehari dua..


  11. "sishoney" says on :

    salam sarah,

    sudah lama sis xkesini.bila ke sini fuyooooo!!!! entri yg jarang tapi panjang2 belaka :).windu mak ek…insyallah dah xlama nak kembali kan…sarah..tolong tgk game MU bagi pihak sis ye 🙂


  12. kaklina says on :

    salam sarah sayang,


    a good relationship is not only about tolerating but it is a synergistic, symbiotic thing between 2 or more ppl. especially in marriage where we are actually complement to each other, we should:
    1. to close our pores
    2. to enhance our potential
    3. to bring something new
    at least ada satu, kalo satupon takdak, it’s not a good relationship. hehe.

    mak.. tingat mak jugak 🙁


  13. faresya says on :

    salam ks
    …x pat nk taip pnjng nih,tngn luka sbb ptng rumput tdi..sni dh pnas!3 hri dh 25°C..bdan lh dh kebal ngan sjuk..hehehe..kat sni mother’s day blan mac hrituh..


  14. Faresya Fareed says on :

    salam ks
    …x pat nk taip pnjng nih,tngn luka sbb ptng rumput tdi..sni dh pnas!3 hri dh 25°C..bdan lh dh kebal ngan sjuk..hehehe..kat sni mother’s day blan mac hrituh..


  15. Cinta says on :

    Salam Sarah,
    entri kali ini sgt menyentuh hati…semalam sy singgah di blog saifulislam air mata sy mengalir tanpa sedar dgn entrinya “cinta tanpa syarat”…dan sekali lagi di sini…


  16. hilman says on :

    mmm…sye yg kat M'sia ni pun kadang2 rasa kosong jugak……ni la resam org menuntut ilmu…….semakin tinggi semakin terasa kosong…..


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