Winter Holiday : The Beginning

Assalamualaikum wbt

Winter holiday is finally here. My last class yesterday ended earlier than usual. I headed back home with smile all over. The weather was just nice to bloom the happiness all around. Once I stepped into the house, my housemates were getting themselves ready to go to the examination hall. I wished them all the best. Actually, I had pasted a sticky note on the front door wishing them All The Best before leaving to the hospital in the morning. And we promised to have our dinner together at our sushi hang-out place.

The first thing I did was to check my laptop. A routine to me. A few windows of YM waiting for my reply. Only 1 attracted me most. A short discussion I can say but it did bring the good old days back. Alhamdulillah.

Zohor time, I stopped for a while and prayed and Wanie told me that we’ll be leaving around 3 pm to the sushi place. The rest will be waiting there after their exam finished. After Asar, I prepared myself and pity me, I wore the black-pink Adistar80 pair of mine, not the white Adidas pair of mine. Ouch. Not even 500 meters away from the hostel compound, I could feel the pain irritated my left leg. Hmm. I really have problem with my left leg I suppose.

And finally, I’ve withdrawn the money for January outlays. I purposely made it a bit extra as a reward for myself to satisfy anything that I would have been desired all this while. I have 1 good reason why I CAN do that.

I fasted yesterday. When we reached there, it’s almost 3.30 pm. We hit them all at the basement and started ordering the meals. Masya Allah. I never expected that the girls could eat that much. Seriously. All of them are 2 years younger than me except Fiza. She’s 1 year older but is now in the 3rd year. Thus considered as my junior as well. They all havocked the place with such a ruinous sound. As an old people there, me and Fiza didn’t talk much except that when I told a joke about the sea lion guy. Kecepak kecepak. Hihi. The meals arrived rightly when it’s Maghrib time. And this time, I eat much lesser than my previous visit. I’ve lost 2 kg within this 2 weeks. Can anyone tell me how to increase my appetite? I really have killed my taste buds since I started to see the world fulls with flaws. Hmm. I should change the mind, I reckon.

On the way back, some of us decided to go to the St. Basil and The Red Square to snap some pics but for me, I really have to go back. May leg was in pain. I needed not to walk more. I needed to sit. The better is to keep my body fully in horizontal position. I needed my bed.

Reaching home half an hour later, I prayed Maghrib, recited Yaasin, ma’thurat and then Isyak. While reciting Yaasin, I was sleepy to the max till I dropped the Yaasin and ma’thurat booklet twice on my lap. Masya Allah. I was just too tired.

My sleep was pleasant for the 1st 30 minutes but then a long distance call from a friend in Malaysia woke me up. Coolness. Happiness. Hehe. But whatever it was, I still have to wake up since my stomach was in pain because of the yougurt I drank in the evening. I just can’t stand yougurt drinks lately. Woke up, then we roommates had our supper with Diba’s home made pizza. She promised us to bake it since last week. Mission completed. *Grin*

How does the story of the very starting of my holiday sound? It’s kind of having the enjoyment of a large income! Everyday promises good auspicious circumstances. Can’t wait to treasure it more. Today (in the morning of course), I’m going to the Dom Knigi (The Books House) at The New Arbat Street with Fatt and Mily. I have these 3 books in my list to grab:
1) The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
2) Rules by Cynthia Lord
3) Better Than Good by Zig Ziglar

I’m hoping that my holiday will be a very relaxing, stress-free, informative and worth-surfing-sleeping-eating month for me. Books. I need books. I want more! And more!

Note: Al-Fatihah to the late Grandmother of Azwan Ngali who passed away a few days back.


Hari buat dia:

76) Little men with little minds and little imaginations go through life in little ruts, smugly resisting all changes which would jar their little worlds. (Zig Zaglar)

25 Responses to “Winter Holiday : The Beginning”

  1. fattnieniey says on :

    saye org 1st ke?
    jom2..cuti2 moscow!


  2. Hafizuddin Awang says on :

    saye org 2nd ke?
    jom2..cuti2 moscow!


  3. Mimie Azrin says on :

    aaa….nak cuti jugak….
    dah tak larat nak drive to work!
    dah tak larat nak keje!
    nak duk umah makan jerk!


  4. tiangpurnama says on :

    boleh x kalu saya nak wat resolusi..
    nak try g panggung wayang,g genting hiland,SE k810/850i(bajet),sneaker nike..
    all to fulfill my materialistic aspiration hargh3


  5. tyrexia says on :

    you’ve started ur holidays whereas my classes are just starting. sigh. x dpt beronggeng. :((


  6. dhiyauqalbii says on :

    BUKU.. HMM..





  7. hadoken says on :

    bestnyer dh start cuti…demn…
    oh ya, tlglah masak sedap2 sabtu ni…huhu


  8. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Salam buat semua

    ye.. 1st. jom!

    ye.. 2nd. jom!

    ari tu dh cuti, gi ronggeng2 smpai kalau dpt cuti lg, jamin ke duk rumah n makan je ni. hehe.

    material je ke? spiritual? heheh. klu sy, panggung wayang x masuk senarai. percaya tak sy x penah jejak lg. huhu. nak beli fon bru? waa 🙂

    acara berganti-ganti mengikut kedudukan kutub :p tp nnti time korang cuti smula, kitorg sparuh mati dgn non stop class for 5 months plak. penatnya time tu nnti..

    Kak Tikah:
    kalau ikutkan, sy mmg nak baca novel melayu. sy ni kan hantu dgn novel2 ni. tp stok baru takde. nak beli online, sy takde credit card la. maybank2u sy punya account plak terminated hari tu. lg susah sy nak settle kn urusan bayar2 online sume ni. antara buku2 kang abik, cinta cleopatra n ketika cinta bertasbih 1 sy dah baca. tp yg ke2 sy belum baca. sy nak sgt stok buku2/novel2 dr msia. tp x de rezeki nak dpt lg. myb nnti mintak kaklong post kan kot. tu pun kalau dia rajin sblum dia g ke lipis.

    hehe. psl masak tu, bersama-sama la nnti ye 😉 kamu x start lg ke? bila last class? ke ada exm dlm winter break ni? apa2pun, all the best.


  9. Mimie Azrin says on :

    Sarah! saw RT oredi. glad u guys r all alrite! must be very terrifying for wanie.


  10. Mak Su says on :

    selamat berholiday dan tenggelam dalam buku buku


  11. cikgu jawe says on :

    cemburu weh tgk gambar korang kat oversea tu.. bila le aku blh rasa dpt pergi yee..


  12. cikgu jawe says on :

    UNIC – bisikan malam.


  13. reza says on : it’s really the worth-surfing-sleeping-eating month..x nak add worth-“cooking for neighbours on spartiv’s 4th floor’ month ke?.just kidding.=D


  14. nurmahani says on :

    salam sarah,

    saya nak balik msia mlm ni. hehe. doakan yer? and selamat bercuti kat sana. have a good rest iAllah.


  15. a z r e e n says on :

    ehehehe… dah cuti dah? alahai..
    urmm… mcm less-tense kan bila dtgnya cuti. lagi2 for medic student.
    cop! buku better than good cam best je.
    kalo dah abes baca, bgtau la best ke tak..ehehe.. tadi google buku tu cam menarik 😀
    boley sy carik kat kinokuniya nnti before balik sekolah (uni)


  16. Mudzil says on :


    fuiyo,setelah lame x menjengah blog ni,akhirnye berubah juga wajahnye, manis semanis orgnye, haha. (pancing..) tp asal warna coklat ek..?

    p/s:anyway,zag zaglar or zag ziglar?


  17. one says on :

    novels,saya suka habibur rahman’s..
    time tunggu bas or dlm lrt on the way work saya berjaya membaca one of his novels!cam x caya sebab biasanya saya tengok yg ramai chinese and foreigners menghabiskan masa wif reading


  18. Pengusaha Cowbra says on :

    im back~~


    sarah sayang. windu ! windu !


    anyway,class da nak start :((

    sedey :((


  19. orang malaya says on :

    Salam sayang..

    Oh dah stat bercuti dah ek..
    Selamat bercuti!
    Orang tu janji nak bagi tapi tak bagi-bagi..
    Lama dah kita tunggu.. huhu..

    Jaga diri baek-baek..


  20. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    yup. alhamdulillah. kitorg selamat n sehat2 lg lepas insiden tu.

    selamat bekerja utk maksu! heheh.

    Cikgu Jawe:
    Cikgu, gi mekah hari tu gi overC la jgk kan. hehe. trma kasih bg link utk download tu. hari tu dh ada sorg kawan bg n sy pun dh berkongsi nasyid yg sy dpt dgn Ban. huahuahua.


  21. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    hehe. mlm ni dtg la rumah kitorg ye. ada makan2 anual yg kitorg sokmo buat tu. heheh. sila2 🙂

    oh! semoga selamat dlm perjalanan. dh balik msia pun, keep in touch k.. mane tau dpt jumpa 1 hri nnti insya Allah 🙂

    hri smlm wkt gi cari buku tu, tak jumpa pun. takde kat kedai buku yg besar gadang tu geram je. sudahnya beli buku lain. nnti akk cite kmdian psl buku2 tu. tp sorg kawan bgtau, buku tu best. try la cari di kinokuniya. mesti ada punya.


  22. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    salam mudzil!! akk sebenarnya pun dh hilang kamu pnye link lepas tukar template ni. bila kamu komen ni, baru akk dpt link kamu smula. kebetulan plak, akk kurang merayap ke blog2 org sgt skrg ni. so tak terjumpa link kamu. thnak sbb visit akk lg. ceh. pancing baikk punye ye. hihi. kenapa coklat? hmm.. akk suka wrna yg mcm tanah2 gitu. so layan je la. nnti 1 day kalau jumpa yg lain, akk tukar lg. hehe. tp lambatttt lg tu 🙂 oh. nama author tu sbnarnya zig ziglar. baru akk sedar akk ada typo skit kt entry tu. malas dh nak edit. hehe. thnks sbb tegur. bru tersedar ada salah.

    sy pun suka buku2 kang abik. tp ketika cinta bertasbih 2 sy tak de lg. nak baca! bagus budaya baca buku kat mana2 pun tu. sy pun camtu. masuk metro mesti ada buku kt tgn. sbb russian ni kat mane2 je dia suka membaca.

    Ryn! ke mana menghilangnye ni? rindu kat awk jgk. td dh dgr puas2 ke lagu tu? hihi. best kn 🙂 jgn la sedih2 plak kelas dh nak start. Bersemangatlah! (hehe. terasa mcm sailormoon plak!ahaks)

    Org Malaya:
    org malaya yg sy rindui, sorry sgt2. walaupun sy dh mula bercuti, tp sy tak pernahnya duduk diam di rumah. dh 2 hri sy jd org nomad yg balik rumah ni hanya utk mandi n tido je. nntikan ceritanya kenapa ye. oh, sy rindu kamu sgt2 wahai org malaya. sy janji akn emailkn jgk. kamu tunggu ya 🙂 janji tetap janji. manusia diikat pd janjinya *peace* hehe


  23. silent reader says on :

    hye sarah…. selamat bercuti~~ 😉

    the thirteenth tale tu pun dlm list sy jgk 😉 meh baca sesama…. hihihih…..


  24. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Silent Reader:
    tp sy x jumpa buku tu kat bookstore yg sy pegi. sudahnya sy beli buku2 lain. tp nnti sy akn pegi ke kedai buku lain. sy akn cari jgk buku2 yg sy nk ni 😉 meh baca sama2 ye


  25. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    oit..ape neh tido mase bace yassin.

    u seem fancy sushi so much…
    i really cant stand it though.

    penah termuak depan my lecturer n his family mase dorang jamu sy sushi kat uitm dulu… hiesh..jatuh saham gue..


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