Graduation Surprise

Assalamualaikum wbt

As we planned, we housemates went out together on the Labour Day. I was not feeling well but they kidnapped me in order to make their plan works. Before leaving, Fatt told me that they wanted to celebrate my graduation. That’s why I must go regardless of the feverish body.

They know how much I love eating (see the cheeks la). :mrgreen: So, what I had in mind was a small eating session at a new hangout place that we were about to explore somewhere in Voykovskaya Region. The place is called Metropolis, a mega shopping complex with variety of food houses at the food court. We are still students. Of course we don’t afford to go to a higher class restaurant yet. As long as we can satisfy our empty stomachs, everything is fine for us. :mrgreen:

But Diba insisted for my advice on lomo cameras. Honestly, I don’t know much about lomo but I have some experiences using my father’s lomo and I am very keen to know more about it. I did some googling about lomo cameras and stuff like that. My roommates knew it. Since we know one antique shop located along The Stary Arbat (The Old Arbat Street), so we spent couple of hours wandering along the road. The weather was pretty fine but windy. I could feel my body getting warmer and at the same time shivering.


I don’t know why these two guys were very interested in us that day.


At Pushkin and wife’s monument. Pushkin is one of the most famous Russian poets.


I don’t recall whose statue is this. πŸ˜†


At the art wall. Someone’s trying to become Turkish’s Next Top Model here. πŸ˜€



When we were right in front of the shop, they all went in. I stood still alone outside the shop. I thought they were gone to the nearby money changer. Then, Diba came and approached me. She needed me to come along. That’s the shop, she informed me. Oh. I just realized that’s the shop we were looking for!


I went in. It’s very overwhelming looking at those antique lomo cameras in the shop. I was very excited comparing FED-4, Zenith and a few other cameras. Frankly speaking, all five of them were acting accordingly to their plan but I didn’t notice it at all! Then, slowly the drama ended. Fatt burst out the truth: KS, we want you to choose any that you like here. We want to give it as a graduation gift for you. We know that you like lomo. So, just pick one that you love most.

I was like: Oh My God! Then, I burst into tears. Hahaha. Finally, with their help, I picked one antique lomo, FED-4, carved at the back with ‘Made in USSR’. It is a limited edition for Olympic 1910. And now it’s 2009. So, it is 99 years old, man! I want to cry some more!!! Tissue please. Huhu.



We got it fixed with a 24-film roll and we headed off to Voykovskaya. And we enjoyed the day, cam-whoring like crazy tourists along The Old Arbat Street, in the metro and at Metropolis.


My dear housemates, you are the bestest buddies I ever have in Moscow. I love you Pena, Fatt, Wanie, Diba and Sha very very very very very very much! You are more than friends to me. You are my sweet hearts!

Note 1: 1 May 2009 was very memorable to me. πŸ˜₯

Note 2: No update till… till I’ve gone crazy with the books later. πŸ™„

30 Responses to “Graduation Surprise”

  1. Wanie says on :



    you will miss us ks. and we will miss u more..


    Sarah Reply:

    I’ll cry when I miss you all.

    Nanti kalau Moscow lebat bersalji, tu KS tengah rindu kat kamu semua la tu. πŸ˜₯


    djambu Reply:

    wow! air mata salji!


  2. nadiah says on :


    u’re my sweet hearts too! eceh.


    Sarah Reply:

    Nadiah…….. you make me smile la dear!!! πŸ˜€


  3. adam says on :

    when is your final exam anyway?
    btw, whats with this lomo cam? is there anything special about the lomo cam compare to the latest brand like nikon etc. coz i’m very new into photography and planning to get my own camera soon. just wonder if lomo is a good investment :mrgreen:

    sure happy dpt hadiah from housm8.
    slmt study….


    Sarah Reply:

    You never heard of lomo before? Oh. Nampaknya kamu memang anak zaman moden since you know Nikon and the brothers even better. Hehe. Nah. Baca kat sini. At least, you can get some rough ideas what lomo is.

    Pendek ceritanya, lomo ni kamera yang kena guna film roll. Yang tekan-tekan dan takde screen to display the result. Ada banyak jenis lomo cam. Dan ada banyak jenis lens. KS pun tak reti nak cerita banyak. You can google about lomography to know more about it. πŸ˜€

    Final exam will be somewhere in mid of June.


    adam Reply:

    takdak la anak zaman moden sgt (lahir akhir 80-an gak :mrgreen: ) cma tak pernah dengar pasal lomography je. haha
    thx anyway n all the best…


    saffa Reply:

    For Malaysian.. Ada satu group called lomokids.. Bukak lah their forum.. Mesti dapat banyak Info!


  4. judin says on :

    woaahh dapat kamera baru sempena graduasi. hmm tak buleh kalah ni. nak kasi ape yer utk ks?? mueheheheh (tungguuuu…..).


    Sarah Reply:

    Alaaa. Kamu jangan la buat KS nangis jugak macam diorang tu. Kita photo outing satu hari nanti nak? Kita pergi Gorky Park main2 ke. KS bukan nak bawak lomo KS. Tapi KS nak bawak my new baby. Huahuahuahua. 😎


  5. Wanie says on :



    you will miss us ks. and we will miss u more..


  6. ytmz says on :

    More Than Words la ni.


    Sarah Reply:

    Nyanyikan special edition punya boleh? πŸ˜‰


  7. Kasawari says on :

    train dia sama ek mcm kat jepun.. bawah kaki tu rasa panas kan.. ada heater.. best sejuk2 masuk train rasa panas..

    best entri dan gambo2 ni semua… :mrgreen:


    Sarah Reply:

    Lain bro. Kat sini takde heater pun kat bahagian kaki tu. Kat Jepun punya lain. Lagi moden. Kat sini ada dua jenis train. Yang ni jenis yang lama. Jenis yang baru, lagi lawa tapi takde kesempatan lagi nak ambil gambar. Insya Allah lepas2 ni saya cuba ambil gambar train baru pulak. πŸ˜€

    p/s: Sebab malas menulis panjang2, tepek gambo je le. Huhu.


    Kasawari Reply:

    oh ya ker.. mcm tengok kaki semua rapat2 he he πŸ˜†
    ok nanti letak train yg moden sket..

    amik gambo byk.. biarkan gambor berbicara..


  8. ainul arina says on :

    wah, bestnya dapat hadiah macam tu.. πŸ™„ tahniah..

    dalam semua gambar, ainul tertarik tengok art wall tu. Terus terbayang ayat femes kawan time dia nak control malu kalau terconteng apa-apa ” comot itu seni” —> Same with the wall! I wonder why they called it art.. haha, saya sungguh buta seni. πŸ˜†


  9. truemax says on :

    Salam Angah,

    Sememangnya nampak kegembiraan yang sangat dalam senyuman tu, walaupun masa demam.. macam budak baru dapat aiskrim yang selama ni yang ayah dia tak bagi beli!

    Hmm.. jadi bilakah agaknya akan dapat lihat gambar dari kamera yang ‘canggih’ tu kat blog ni?


    ps: Pesan kat demam supaya cepat pergi.
    ps2: Bestnya ada kawan cam tu – super friends πŸ˜€


  10. kak izzah says on :

    wah, angah, bestnya!

    1. bestnya dpt hadiah tu!
    2. bestnya dapat kawanΒ² yang best mcm tu!

    Have fun angah! that lomo suits your tudung! mcm 1 set plak kan! :mrgreen:


  11. Nurlulu says on :

    sarah! syoknye beruntung awak dapat kawan2 cam tu but i know u deserve it :). bak kata truemax bila lah kami leh dapat lihat gambar dari kamera ‘canggih’ tu? hehe tumpang excited gak


  12. Khairul says on :

    Ow, selama ni ternampak kat blog2, ingatkan lomography tu adalah sejenis gaya penangkapan gambar terbaru, gambar dia jad ala2 kuning camtu. Rupanya ia adalah sejenis kamera eh. Bestnye dapat yang antik 99 tahun, lagi tua dari atuk saya tu. Berapa ringgit KS?


  13. haritz says on :



  14. snm says on :

    angah orked Sarah :mrgreen:
    ada crte psl lomo ni dlm paper BH kut. last month agaknya. bila guna lomo camera ni, u do not know how the picture lepas snap kan? kan? πŸ˜†
    x boleh nk imagine pun kan?

    x silap ni psl mereka :-

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  15. liyana says on :

    dapt camera lomo…
    lpas nih bleh ajar yana…


  16. sinar_islami says on :

    best tul kawan2 akak..jeles..wah nak grad dh ke..bestnye..
    smpikn salam kat kwn2 akak..dari jauh terharu ks ada kawan cmtu..


  17. Cinta says on :

    Salam Sarah..

    1) Semoga Cepat sembuh πŸ™‚
    2) Sarah nampak berisi sedikit, akak suka..makin manis.
    3) Housemates Sarah semuanya manis2 belaka and ya they your truly sweet hearts πŸ™‚


  18. loq says on :

    lame tak g blog sis…

    dalam train pon sempat nak chamworing ek?
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  19. saffa says on :

    LOMO Cam! Saffa pun tak terbeli lagi! Ada banyak benda yang Saffa kena dahulukan.. Sekarang ni tengah berusaha kumpul duit untuk beli ‘Retainer’ gigi Saffa yang hilang. Dah la plg murah RM200 tp Klinik tu jauh dr rumah. Susah susah..


  20. Dunia Sarah » Blog Archive » Sweet 17 says on :

    […] 1 Mei akan saya kenangi sebagai hari lahir kedua saya. Dan 1 Mei juga mengimbau kenangan setahun lalu ketika saya bersama-sama teman-teman terbaik saya di Moscow keluar […]

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