Aiman’s Story

Assalamualaikum wbt

I won’t let melancholic story head up my day. So, here is a story I heard from my little brother. One day, he asked me this question:

Ngah, one day strawberry and blueberry met. They fell in love. What did the blueberry tell the strawberry?

I paused a while to think logically. Well, my brain is not up to simple things like what kiddos nowadays are up to. I said: It must be I love you.

My brother laughed. He said: Wrong! He said ‘I love you berry-berry much’.

Aishh. That kid pranked me. So I told him: But the meaning is still the same. I love you. Huhu.

Next, I came out with this question: Aiman, kenapa orang gali kubur tak pakai seluar dalam? He was shocked. He asked me back: Eh, yeke? Aiman rasa diorang pakai je.

A few days before that, I asked the same question to my cousin. He was shocked too. Somehow, he managed to come out with this answer which tickled me to death! He said: They simply don’t want anything get stuck in the middle while hoeing the soil. I laughed. He himself also thought it was a stupid answer.

Back to the story with Aiman. I cut the line. I said to Aiman: Iye. Cuba Aiman pergi tanya orang yang pernah gali kubur. Mananya diorang semua tu pakai seluar dalam. Diorang tak pakai.

Aiman replied: I know you’re lying. I never see one. I replied: Of course you never see any. Unless you ask them to show it up. You dare?

Aiman: Huh. Takde kerja nak suruh diorang tunjuk. Abis tu apa jawapannya tadi? He’s surrendered.

Before I gave him the answer, I laughed out loud evilly: Muahaha. Memanglah orang gali kubur tak pakai seluar dalam. Diorang pakai cangkul. Muahaha.

Aiman threw all the tudung orens he was playing with to me. Adui. Haha. Serve him right. πŸ˜† I love you berry-berry much with me! :mrgreen: You gave me the bread, I gave you the butter la, bro!

Note: Credit to fellow friends during Homestay Program last year who came out with this question. I was the last one to understand the meaning. They laughed at me jemaah-ly! Sabar banyak-banyak, Sarah. πŸ˜†

5 Responses to “Aiman’s Story”

  1. zool says on :

    Lawak lama yang makin berkesan lagi ek..


  2. thia says on :

    sy punya adik bongsu laki,Zaim si panglipur lara emak.

    dia sama macam Aiman adik akak ni.gemar membingungkan kami dengan teka tekinya yang dibawa balik dr sekolah..

    budak laki mmg cumel kan kak..Aiman pon sama..cumel cumel.
    tp akak mmg terer pekenakan die macam thia yang suka menyerah kalah dgn teka teki Zaim..huhu


  3. cikgu jawe says on :

    spt thia kata. bdl lelaki mmg cumel. bapak bdk lelaki pun tumpang cumel gak. haha..


  4. djambu says on :

    i love dis entry berry-berry much! hahaha πŸ˜›


  5. snm says on :

    br nk respon entri ni Sarah πŸ˜€

    Sarah, skrg saya dh terror sikit2 jwb teka-teki hsl ajaran Mr.SNM πŸ˜†

    Sampaikan adik saya di UTHM, telefon saya semata2 nk tahu jwpn tekateki yg lecturer dia tye dlm kelas! :mrgreen:


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