A Little Known Fact About Russia

Assalamualaikum wbt

When I was browsing for the Aurora Borealis phenomena in Murmanks region, I found this site. No matter what, I will find the best date when the activeness is frequent and it’s seen clearly on the sky. Three weeks ago, it’s said that it would be on the sky by end of January. So we were planning to go there on the 27th. We will take train and the journey takes approximately about 39 hours from Moscow. But today, my friend told me that the schedule was changed. The activeness calender was withdrawn due to the weather. Meaning that if we proceed to go on the date, we can’t see anything over there.

So, I kept browsing for more info. But suddenly, I found this site. Oh My God! This is truly Russia. This is the hidden military territory which people were talking about when I first arrived here. I thought it was a mere story. Or a tale. And I never had any intention to know more about this. My father once asked me to explore this side of activity. About their technology and the world’s acceptance towards their products. He wanted to know about it after telling him about my visit to Victory Park long time ago (where I witnessed submarines, tanks and many more from the World War ii). But still, I didn’t put much interest to dig out more about it. Unless if I were a boy, I think I would have explored all War Museums in Moscow, visited the Submarines Museum and been to the Aerospace Museum. But I didn’t.

The info I read in the site did suprise me. My mind started to imagine how was the place built by people when we know that it is located far in the northen area, isolated from concrete sources to develop the small town. What happened to the abandoned ships and submarines and are they going to leave them there, sink silently into the sea? And the existance of the nuclear fuel is really surprising. I thought it’s only in Chernobyl (and they are setting up another one in Belarus and soon to complete). This fact does open my eyes about Russia.

Let’s do the Math. How stupid I am to know about this little KNOWN fact about Russia only after 5 years and the half stranded in this country. Poor me. Poor me.

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  1. keSatria says on :


    military stuff turn me on! WAH!


  2. akirasuri says on :



  3. Muadz says on :

    "How stupid I am to know about this little KNOWN fact about Russia only after 5 years and the half stranded in this country"

    ==> Better late than never !


  4. aween lia-na says on :

    oh KS tak suke museum eh? I like museum! once i was spending too much time reading every single thing in British museum, sampai my sis yang ikut skali waktu tu, tertido for 1-2 hours kot ;P


  5. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    KS sangat suka art museums. KS dah pergi hampir semua art museums di Moscow. Sama ada lukisan, poetry, portraiture atau sculpture. Yang historical pun suka. Sangat suka. Boleh habiskan masa berjam-jam. Tapi yang berkaitan perang-perang and military stuffs ni tak berapa. KS pernah pergi 2 je kot. Huhu.


  6. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Military stuffs eh? Hope u don’t dream of them tonight. Huahuahua.

    Cik Ati:

    Muadz (I was about to ask u the correct way to spell your name long ago. But I keep it to myself. And today u spelled it the way I was thinking of) =) :
    Yeah. Better late than never! *Grin* (You must have waited for my English article all these while, right? Sorry for the unproductive week.)


  7. Izzah Marzuki says on :

    eeemm.. i think we already known the fact.. but i myself dont discover it as yet (hv no chance to be there..huhu).. u hv the chance, so y not sarah?? =) actually it is an interesting issue to be reveal on!

    *akak tag kan sarah, can i?? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. RozIlah Kamarudin ImOlie says on :

    MakNdak had seen the Aurora.. beautiful in Norway..the Norsk called it Blue Light..

    Aurora itu buatan Allah
    Kapal selam, kereta kebal buatan manusia

    Senjata Muslim zikir sebut Allah
    Tidak tertanding senjata manusia

    Food for your thought


  9. Muadz, Mu'adh, Mouad, ู…ุนุงุฐ =) says on :

    yes! there was no English article for a while, but this prompt me to learn Malay : << Apa khabar? >> =)
    As for the unproductiveness, I know that this is the period of exams … good luck


  10. drbubbles says on :

    Salam Sarah,

    Salah satu impian hidup saya ialah untuk melihat aurora borealis di di satu tempat terpencil di Alaska seperti yang saya baca di dalam buku yang mencatatkan siri kelana mendiang Charles Kuralt ke seluruh Amerika.


  11. kimot says on :

    nk komen..tp xtau ape nk komen. kepala tgh sakit sbb mabuk nek bus masa trun dri cameron haha


  12. pikir sendiri says on :

    Once a year I get the chance
    To wish you birthday cheer.
    It pleases me no end to say,
    I wish you another great year.

    So happy birthday to you sarah,
    From the bottom of my heart.
    And may your good times multiply,
    Till theyโ€™re flying off the chart!


  13. Azra Ain says on :

    selamat hari jadi!

    sangat jealous if kak ngah dapat tengok aurora.


  14. yOnnA says on :

    kak sarah,
    yonna nak email akak.
    hee a.s.a.p tau kak! ๐Ÿ˜€
    drop kat shoutbox yonna k


  15. Ibnu Saif says on :

    AssalamualaikuM Kak SaraH.. HiHi.. igtkan Sy yang pertama Nak Wish Ur birthdaY.. Rupa2nye dah ade dah Yang leN.. HiHiHi..

    Apapun.. 19/1.. x smpai laGi.. sat Je laGi.. Payah gak Cari blog Awk nih.. Sat.. awak sakiT eh?? Rendah darah tu… hmmm…

    Apapun.. jaga kesihatan tu .. jan stress sgt K.. 19/1.. igt lagi rupanya sy.. HiHi.. Awk pun pas ni dh nak grad dah.. Buat yang tebaik k..

    adoilaa… Tulis ni smbil2 dgr lagu “Perlukan Aku” nih.. HiHi… Sarah2…. Semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan kpda awk dan kita semua..

    x perlu KhabarkaN.. yakin kt awak… Awk mesti boleh pyer laa.. HiHi.. ๐Ÿ™‚ x penah Jumpa pun Kita eh.. adoi.. hihi.. Eh.. sedap gak lagu ni eh.. dh ulang 5-6 kali dah.. hihi..

    Jaga kesihatn bebaik tau k.. riso laa plak tgoK result drah Awk ni.. kitaorg sentiasa doakan dari sini.. InsyaAllah..

    Oklaa cik saraH.. jan sedih2 K.. jaN maraH2 mkciK2 tuh.. HiHi… Semoga Hari laHir yang ke-24 ni akan lebih membuka sinar baru buat awk..

    SemoGa diberi keberkatan dan Redha Allah didlam setiap bnde yang awk lakukan n ushakan..

    Oklah saRah.. Undur Diri dulu K.. Siiru A’la barakatillaH… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wassalam WarahmatullaH…


  16. H2 says on :

    bila nak g rusia ni. kat jordan, muzium tak best. aiyya. ada je satu yang best, muzium kereta king hussein. fuh, best. ada lebih 80 koleksi kereta king hussein, former king. tapi, dari satu sudut, boleh dikatakan dan tak boleh disanggah, yang dia ni suka membazir sedang rakyat terpinggir. Pemimpin Arab, memang macam tu. Aish.


  17. Khairul says on :

    Salam Kak Sarah.

    Selamat Hari Jadi~~~

    Hadiahnye adalah senyuman saya yang tulus ikhlas ni.



  18. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Kak Izzah:
    Yang saya maksudkan tu ialah part yang hidden military camp di Murmanks tu. Selama ni ingatkan orang cakap2 je la. Rupanya betul2 wujud. Orang lain semua tau, saya je kot yang baru tau. Hehe.

    Mak Andak:
    Yup yup. U did tell me the story long ago. In Russia, they call it The Northen Light. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for the sweet poem!!!

    Wow. U learn some Malay language. So I should answer u: Khabar baik.


  19. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Bro Iskandar:
    Oh. Dalam buku tu ada dicatatkan pasal Aurora Borealis ye? Saya tak tersampai nak ke US tu kot. Alang2 dah di sini, gagahla jugak saya nak ke Murmanks tu walaupun jauh. Tu je la yang saya mampu.

    Beli kobis dak?? Hahha =p

    Pikir Sendiri:
    Thanks a lot for the wish.


  20. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Alamak. Azra tau eh? Terima kasih! Nanti Kak Ngah amik gambar banyak2 ok =)

    Oh. Ok ok. Macam urgent sugguh ni. Sat ye.

    Eh, Afifi? Macam mana boleh jumpa blog ni ye? Apapun terima kasih sebab ingat birthday saya dan atas ucapan tu. Tak sangka awak boleh jumpa blog ni. All the best jugak untuk awak kat sana. Tinggal setahun lebih je dah kan. Semoga dipermudahkan Allah dalam segalanya ye.


  21. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Nampak macam gempak je kan Rusia ni dengan segala military stuffs yang dia ada ni. Hehe. Tapi orang sini bila cakap bab2 senjata semua ni, diorang memang bangga. Sebab memang negara dia hebat. Cuma pasal fakta yang ni, tentang hidden military territory ni KS baru je tau kesahihannya. Lambat betul KS ni kan.

    Waa. Terima kasih Khairul! Terima kasih banyak2 =)


  22. Izzah Marzuki says on :

    yes dik.. akak mcm penah tengok movie ade sebut pasal murmanks tu.. its ok.. so lets begin the journey! =)


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