An Unusual Lazy Saturday

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ainul tagged me two weeks ago. As usual, I don’t put much interest in doing tags. But anyway, here it goes. This is how I spend my unusual lazy Saturday.

::Do you think you are hot?
Impossible in any way.

::Upload your favourite picture of you.

::Why do you like that picture?
This is my first picture captured with a moving metro, the famous subway in Russia. I was having a day out with my buddy. She snapped this one for me.

::When is your last time you ate Pizza?
Last week. Home made pizza by Diba. I don’t enjoy cheesy meals that much.

::The last song you listen to?
You Belong To Me – guitar and vocal cover by someone.

::What are you doing right now beside this?
Purposely killing my time sitting in front of my laptop doing this tag. I’m planning to go to the market to get some groceries after Zuhur.

::What name would you prefer beside yours?
Aya. A nickname given by comrades in KISAS during orientation week. It lasts still. It sounds like a Japanese name. For real, it was actually extracted out from the word ‘ayam’. I know you’re laughing. But there was a story lying behind this.

::People I tag.

::Who is number one?
My elder sister, Kaklong. My enemy, my other half and my juxtaposed hidden soul.

::Number 3 is having relationship with?
Hidayah is my cousin. A third year undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. I don’t think she dates someone at the moment.

::Say something about no 5.
Maya is my cousin (this one is from Penang side). She is my age. She works and stays with family in Shah Alam. She is a Quantity Surveyor. I don’t know her that much. We know each other when we were 18. How weird it is. Again, there’s a story behind this. I’m still working on to know her more, or, to introduce myself more. Nevertheless, we cope up easily and we have great sense of humor when we are together. However long the night, the dawn will break. Isn’t it?

::How about number 4?
Linda is also my dear cousin. Hidayah’s sister. An undergraduate in Pure Physics. She talks less than Hidayah but acts faster in everything. Except one thing. She’s clumsy. She easily forgets her stuffs including the very important one.

::Who is number 2?
Nisa is my best cousin. The bestest one. She is my age. We compete in almost everything since childhood. We were like two rivals who wanted to prove who did better in exams, competitions and all. But we ended up getting the same results. We are copycat of each other. Except in two things. She’s more beautiful and much taller than me. Currently she’s in IIUM Kuantan completing her medical school. She was offered to do medicine in Russia too but she rejected it. There we go, in our own separated ways.

All five of them do read blogs but they don’t blog. Hahaha. So, this tag basically stops here.

Note: Home is where my heart is. Nothing can’t beat that. Hmm.

21 Responses to “An Unusual Lazy Saturday”

  1. feeza.yusoff says on :

    lagu you belong to me?
    bukan yang jason wade nyanyi kn ks?
    fza suke gk dgr die nyanyi.
    siap donlod lg.

    ps:bkn jason wade.


  2. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Eh, cepat betul kamu. Tapi sapekah? Hahaha.


  3. Inah says on :

    huhuh..sape pulek nyanyi lagu tu 😛

    psst..sarah..aya – nama karakter dlm one litre of check it out..sure berjujuran air mata 🙂


  4. Inah says on :

    ohh..cop..nak nyanyi lagu home by michael buble bolehhhh?? missing hulu kelang jugek!! dah la ahli keluarga semua ade di rumah and mak masak nasi beriani utk meraikan depa..huhu..jeles2..


  5. sakura ^^ says on :

    ya betul. home sweet home. mana2 pun p mesti ingat umah, kan kan? 🙂


  6. fez says on :

    ya. sayalah junior akk! batch 02-03.saya tetap panggil akk – kak aya.


  7. Ainul Arina Madhiah says on :

    salam ks~

    Y(^_^)Y good girl! hehe.. ni yang sayang ni.. haha~ =P

    p/s: takpe2. pasni ainul letak ks dalam list yang lasttt sekali la kalau ada tag.ok? ^_^ so, kebarangkalian nak kena tag lagi skali tu lebih kecil.. hehe~ lupa plak ks kurengg sket bab2 tag ni.. but still nak cakap pd diri sendiri “thanks to myself sebab telah menyebabkan ks ada kerja tak berfaedah utk buat pada hari yang unusual lazy” (^^,)Y *huahuahua..*


  8. Ainul Arina Madhiah says on :

    ah, lupaa.. apa kata ks cerita tentang rahsia “ayam” tu? nak tauu… =P hehe, sebab dulu kan, ainul and kawan2 semua ada nama hewan masing-masing… haha, teringat zaman lampau plak dah..


  9. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    cube kamu try amik pic yg mase kamu atas railway n tren tu kat belakang..
    lagi thrilllll..


  10. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Kak Inah:
    It was a random click from my playlist. But it wasn’t Jason Wade. My cousin asked me once. Did my friends name me Aya for that reason (according to the Japanese series). I said no. It was because of something else. It was back in 2006 at that time. So I browsed for the story and watched it. It’s heart touching. I cried till I got serious eye bad the next day =p Oh. Buble is my no.1 fav =D

    Betul! Even we just went for a camping, sure we missed home too =D

    Oh. I did a good guessing! Meaning that I still remember u dear =) Thanks for still regarding me as Kak Aya. I love people calling me that way =) A-Y-A. Hehhe.


  11. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Haah. Yeay. Thanks to u. At least I ve got something to do this afternoon. Haha. Oh, next time tagging is only allowed if:
    -no picture involves. Huhu.
    -sounds a little bit more mature =) Im hitting 24 dear =)
    (Alah. If it’s interesting, I sure will do one) =D The ayam story is reserved for gooooood =p

    Zalimnya awak Izu… =( If I would like to have one like what u suggested, next to me in the pic must be u. Deal? Hahahah.


  12. Ainul Arina Madhiah says on :

    haha! yes bos!! bakal ditapis dulu lepas ni supaya sesuai dengan golongan tua, eh opss dewasa.. =P

    but ks, do you realise something in the pic? ks macam menyerupai train dalam bentuk human dengan tiga lampu di badan macam lampu kereta api.. hahaha~ *adoi, macam la boleh terpandang pelik pada lampu-lampu itu* – blame the dark, shadow background – Y(^_^)


  13. Nisa ur cousin says on :

    u are my bestest cousin!!
    u and kaklong complete me, since small i share every bits of my life with both of you, like 2 big sis of mine…
    yup, we compete in almost everything..i adore you alot..proud of having you as my cousin..baru ada semangat bila ada competition!
    thanx alot for ur tag…haha

    love you!


  14. kaklong says on :

    sayonara semenanjong…=)


  15. Mouad says on :

    Salam aleikom

    In Paris it’s very cold, but I dont complain, in Russia it must be even worse …

    At the moment there are a lot of celebration, people are occupied by preparations for Noeil … I think the catholic people prefer the more festive side on the side purely religious, unlike the Orthodox church in Eastern Europe, is not it ?

    Paris is a beautiful city, there are a lot of things to see and do, I like it.

    And what about your life in Russia of “Fedor Dostoevsky” and “Alexander Pushkin” 🙂 ?



  16. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Lampu tu reflection dari lampu train la sebenarnya.

    My dear. I adore u even more! I still remember how we revised Add Maths together during Merdeka Day when I went to your house with arwah Chik. I envied u at that moment. You were like damn good in Add Maths. I was so down. Thats why for the trial, I worked hard gila2 just to beat prove that I could beat u in Add Maths. U’re my idol. Not the other way around ok. Hehe. Yeah. The 3 of us are like siblings!

    Sedih la long… 🙁

    I’ve had enough with my life here. Nothing much to tell anymore. I did write about it in this blog but mostly were in my languange, Malay Language. In Russia, they belong to the Orthodox. They are not religious, seriously. I think we should put the blame on Communism which was here for a long time. People prefer to work for money, for life and hesitate to relate it with their religion. I pity the church here. It’s merely for wedding and Sunday gathering. Nothing more. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by again =)


  17. Mouad says on :

    thank you for your reply.
    at the next insha’Allah.


  18. Acai says on :

    emmm best jugak lagu sarah dengar tu,hehe..:) waaaa tag sedara mara je main kroni nih,hahahahah..:) suka gak gambar tu sarah..lelagi kalau sy ada kat sebelahnya,ahhahahahaha..


  19. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    My pleasure.

    Adeh Acai. Ayat tu buat sy gelak sorang2 tengah2 malam ni ha =p


  20. TOTANG says on :

    Kalau pasal anak, emak dan ayah ni usahkan bom, nyamuk satu ekor pun dia akan takut gigit anak dia.

    Begitulah kasihnya ibu dan ayah kepada kita.


  21. Mouad says on :

    salam aleikom

    It’s still me!

    in a blog of a student doctor, is expected to read articles about medicine, and instead of that, we are immersed in a literary universe:)
    Stories, small stories, points of view on your entourage, a few poems … and all this with great ease in the narrative, great clarity and humor time to another …

    is a lot of investment I guess ?

    Tell me then, you did not wrong career =)?

    Nota 1: excuse me if I am not always clear, my English is not top:)

    Nota 2: you tell me if I bother you, okay ?

    Nota 3: As you noticed, I too began to use “Nota” 🙂 is to be more clear. sorry for copying 🙂


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