ManUtd vs Chelsea – Photo Session

Assalamualaikum wbt

As I had promised earlier, here are the hot photos captured pre and post match. To be fair and square, I posted both The Reds and The Blues all together. So, here is the story why in a sudden I was one among the thousand millions fans over there.

While I was discussing with my groupmate about the MCQ exam which was scheduled on the next day, my housemates called me to get prepared to leave for the stadium. Our aim was only for the sightseeing and nothing more. We planned whether to watch the match from the big screen over there or going to the center and watch it with other fans whose could not get any tickets or just from TV at home. Later, when we reached the stadium compound, the boys were approached by so-called ‘ulat’ who sold black tickets. They managed to get each of them one with a bit higher price. Then, Paan (credit to Paan for all the photos) and Fatt (both are big ManUtd fans) started to consider to buy too. Next, came Daus and Aidi proudly telling us that they have got themselves tickets at the Chelsea fan area. Anyway, they both are Chelsea supporters. Diba and Emy got influenced by them and excited to get themselves tickets too. Who else left? Only me and Pena. Considering that we might not have any other chance in our life to watch it live in the stadium (Just imagine if we were in Malaysia, have to pay for flights, accommodation and all, aduh… Entah bila lagilah dapat tengok kan), plus, everybody has got tickets from the ‘ulat’ and only we both who did not have any yet, we asked Paan to help us looking for ‘ulat’ too. In just seconds, we found 2 guys looking for costumers. We did not have to negotiate long for the price since the given price was just nice for us. We were lucky ok!

Then we moved inside the stadium compound. We headed to the ManUtd Fan Zone where games, entertainment and merchandised stall were opened for all MUFC. It was very happening over there. Everything. From the people which surely could see more English people than the locals, the surrounding, the music, and the banner. Perfecto! Never experienced such condition in Moscow before this (Eheh. I hardly join the crowd. I hate crowd by the way). I didn’t put on any red-yellow MU stripes on my cheeks since I didn’t have wudhu’ for Maghrib yet at the moment. Plus, I love my skin even more. Just afraid of the chemicals might cause me harm. Huhu~

I called my brother to inform him that “Nan.. I’m here! In the stadium!”. My brother refused to believe. “No, you’re not”. I said “Yes I am!”. He said “No way. Aaahh!” Huhu. He was struggling with books and notes for his final paper for his final exam in his final year. He’s a Chelsea fan anyway. But then he said “Alah… Dapat agak Chelsea macam kalah je malam ni. There’s no use to get jealous over this thing.” Hehe. He’s in denial mode.

In the stadium, my seat was at the corner side. I could see the whole stadium clearly from there. For your information, this is my first time ever watching a football game live from stadium. Alhamdulillah me and Pena have gotten seats next to each other while Fatt was a bit separated from us. Next to me was a Russian lady as well as in front of me. Behind me was also an English woman who came to accompany her husband. And few seats away from me, there were one granny and her daughter-in-law who came with their family for the match. So, I could say that I sat with quite a number of women around. So, there was no such thing like misbehave part. When Ronaldo scored the first goal, we hugged each other and obviously those around me were the XX chromosome belongers!

During the penalty, I went down at the box next to the exit to get a clearer view. Everyone was standing on the seats at that time, so I could see nothing ok! (Aishh… Tu la… Pendek sangat kan). When ManUtd officially won the game, everybody was hooraying, cheering, singing, crying and hugging each other. Ok. I think, photos are always better in doing the talking part. Click for larger image.

Eh, forgot to mention. I’m not a fan of Christiano Ronaldo tau. That’s why I didn’t know the ‘Viva Ronaldo’ song. I’m a fan of Ryan Giggs since 1996! Unfortunately they didn’t sing even once the ‘We love you Giggs’ song. After all, I didn’t memorize the whole verse. Hehe. Glory Glory ManUtd!

The Reds

The Blues

23 Responses to “ManUtd vs Chelsea – Photo Session”

  1. cikgu jawe says on :

    wahahahhaaa!! sarah ni saja je tau nak kasi orang jeles. huhu

    takpe takpe nanti aku tepek gambar anak aku main bola kt stadium kuala selangor.. huhu


  2. "the Dude" says on :

    football + finals = top performance!


  3. NabZie says on :

    salam kak sarah…
    jeles jeles…ktorg sgt la jeles bile dpt tau kak sarah dpt ticket sbb ktorg tak caya kt ulat2 tu..muehehehe
    ktorg hanye tgk dr 501 jer..rs2 nye satu wing leh dgr ktorg jerit giler..hehehe..esp tym penalty…
    jeles kak sarah dpt tgk christiano ronaldo yg miss the penalty tu..muahahaha..
    i’m not a supporter for both teams nor am i a football fan of any’s just that sometimes events like these kinda get ur adrenaline pumping and excited and spirited and u just cant miss ronaldo’s and ballack’s handsome faces…hehe ;P

    p/s kak sarah buku obs tu sy dah cek,xiao tian ngan anet dun have ur book actually..hmmmm….sape amek ek?hehe


  4. fattnieniey says on :

    greatest day ever!
    amazing and wild Man u supporters!

    nnt nak g tgk game kat old trafford pulak lah!


  5. rattrapt11 says on :

    ok la tu…rezki kat moscow tahun ni..tahun 2009 itali plak…sapa nk pegi tgk ye…mamat singh tu mmg xleh pisah dr MU…ptut korang cari tips cmner nk nk jadi cam mereke…kerana bola travel abis 1 dunia


  6. "sishoney" says on :

    salam sarah,

    huhuhuhu.mmg jeles la sarah.kalau tgk game biasa pon dah jeles.apa lgi bila game besar macam nie.rezeki gak namanya kan sarah~heheehe.bila agaknya rezeki sis kan :p

    p/s:sis dah kembali berblogging 🙂


  7. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Cikgu Jawe:
    tepek jgn x tepek ye cikgu! (^.^)v

    dude! long time didnt hear anything from u! i’ve lost ur link eversince i changed the lay out months ago. hope ure doing fine in nor calif 😉

    farah ada cite pd ks. dia lalu 5th floor. gamat! 4th floor pun gamat! hehe. kitorg pun in a sudden je decided to go. eh. note ks takde pd xiao tian nor anet?? aaaaa… mana note ks?!! my Obs note is 1 of the best that i ever had! 🙁 sedih…. lain kali sape pinjam note ks, ks kena buat check list la. sungguh ks lupa sape yg pinjam. aaaa… sedih… baru plan nak bawak balik cuti ni utk study kt msia nnti 🙁 sedih.. sedih.. sedih.. nak berkabung la hari ni 🙁

    klu gi tgk kt old trafford mksdnya kamu balik kampung la yek. hehe.

    haah. tahun depan dh rome 2009 plak. sy nmpak je mamat2 singh tu, terus sy bgtau yg lain “eh eh.. tuMU big fan tu!”. elok je lepas tu, semua org yg ada kt situ pun noticed diorg ada kt situ. semua pun kerumun nk bergambar. hehe.

    Sis Honey:
    insya Allah sis. satu hari nnti ada la rezeki nak tgk live jgk 🙂 yeay!! sis dh kembali berblogging! yeay. jom kenduri jom. huhu~


  8. abdul hayyi says on :

    agaian, i hate RED!

    hehe.. ;-P


  9. hadoken says on :

    aku bukan fans dua team ni(liv for life), but i was glad i didn’t sell my ticket. as a football fan, that night was great…!! macam2 ada

    kongratulasi sbb MU menang

    p/s: seram sehh balik ke metro lepas game. militsia berbaris panjang2…


  10. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    glory2 man utd..
    hehhe…lame sgt nyinggah2 dulu ke sini yer…bg lame sket kamu pikir ape yg dicuri..


  11. Liyana says on :

    hiii~~..jeles2..bkn ape…jeles ngah dpat buat ape yg rmai org x leh buat..huuu~~gi stdium tgok final match yg org tgh gle2kn tuh…hik33….


  12. one says on :

    Err,sarah tak pening ke time tu?ramai sangat..tapi betulla,klu tengok pic tu Sarah and fren boleh jadi little kids diaorang..


  13. Anonymous says on :

    grup indie ke?ingatkan solo artis inggeris..ada satu lagu tu yg saya layan melodi nya yg mesra dengan suaranya,tapi rentak laju skit..


  14. Anonymous says on :

    ha a lah tajuk dia stay..


  15. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    oh! no org BIRU la ye. hehe. biru kalah! hehehe :p

    liverpool jgk ye. takpe. merah jgk kan. huhu. ala.. bukan ada apapun militsia sume tu. ks x suka ada perasaan takut ke apa sume tu. so buat dono je la. they wont do any harm if we act cool but not overact 😉 tambah plak for that prestigious event. surely they have to keep clean n smart in their action rite. kesimpulannya, lapang dada je la hidup kt sini kan. hehe.

    gloy glory ManUtd. oh. bru ku tau apa yg dicuri itu. hihik. cantik kan! hehehe.


  16. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    hehe. silalah jeles lg. hehe. aishh.. sbnarnya x de niat pun nak buat org jeles tau. dh kebetulan ni rezeki ngah kali ni. nnti dh keje, dh kawin, mana ada chance dh. tambah plak klu terikat dgn keje yg 24-7 tu. nak kawin pun x sempat kot. muahaha~ yana, sepurnama je lg tau! sepurnama je lagi…… 🙂

    time tu x sempat nak rasa pening ke apa sbb rasa berdebar lebih dominant. hehe. mmg pakcik2 tu layan sy ni mcm budak kecik je. huhu.

    Oneib jugak lagi:
    haah. ni indie group. independent malaysian group. vocalist dia pmpuan. merangkap guitarist. yg lain2 tu laki. konsep diorg ni jazz. suka~~~ yup. tu lg stay tu. sy suka 3 lagu. ternyata, stay n take it slow. not so catchy 😀 harmoni je muzik dia.


  17. Anonymous says on :

    so,dah abes paper?horey2 la ni..


  18. abdul hayyi says on :

    Saya hanya “biru” di atas padang.heheh.. ;-P


  19. Adzrul Ariff says on :

    Salam Sarah. Huui…Kalaulah Kursk tu dekat dengan moscow, mesti kami sume pun dah turun padang time match tu. NAk wat camne tgk kat TV je lah time tu. Heh. 😀


  20. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    paper baru nak mula selasa ni 🙂 hehe.

    biru atas padang takpe. biru luar padang, haa… siap la awk hayyi. sy kejar dgn kapak! :p

    hehe. tu la kan. ni pun bdk2 moscow ni pun ramai jgk yg ke stadium hari tu. wkt kt stadium x sempat la nak nampak semua. tp bila dh belek2 friendster la, facebook la, tgk gmbr masing2 ada di stadium. eh la hai.. rupanya ramai yg pegi. in fact, dato embassador pun pegi jgk. hiks..


  21. faisal says on :

    bestnye…..*melopong lagi,huhuhu…
    sarah jahat…dengki ngan sarah,hahahahhaha…:)

    tak aci, sikit je section untuk chelsea..mencik mencik!!!!!!

    Chelsea Chelsea!!!! hihiii…


  22. faisal says on :

    oh ya sarah, sy dah save gambar2 ni sblm mintak izin,kekeke..mintak izin ye,hihi..:)


  23. xamadx says on :

    uiks best seh dapat tgk final live kat stadium.jeles, jeles.


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