Linking Parks : Places Where I Always ‘Lay-Park’

Assalamualaikum wbt

I have 4 days off before my exam on Wednesday. I wish to start focusing on the notes by midnight. For the mean time, I really want to rest, rest and rest. I owe Aizu (some people call her Intan but I used to call her Aizu since back in KISAS) a tag. She kindly tagged me with this regulation:

1. Must be clean. No X-rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you.
5. An active link.

1. The Star Online
Everyday I’ll spend time reading latest news from this site. Sometimes up to 10 or more times I’ll hop in to get the latest info. Such a weirdo. But this is me. Why do I prefer an English paper. Because they are very honest in the words picking and the story telling. I remember reading a news about Pak Lah. He was blamed for being so slow in arranging the candidates of BN eventhough the nomination day was just in 2 days to come. The sentence was: Pak Lah and Najib were slow and seemed to deteriorate…. bla bla bla. The word is slow. The meaning in Malay is lembap. What would happen if Utusan wrote an article with such word? Bungkus tikar on the spot!

2. The Access Medicine
I am sure nowadays’ students are in need for technologies for their studies. The same goes to me. Lacking of in-hand references force me to have some additional materials to refer to. I personally prefer this link because of the virtual books provided are very much help. I have an account in order to let me use the site. Thank you Access Medicine. I found lot of materials from you!

3. The Internet Medical Journal
I promise myself to read at least 1 new medical journal everyday. Since somewhere in 2006, I found this blog which provides me the links to the latest medical journal/stories almost everyday. It is a simple blog. Very simple ones but the info that I gain is what I regard.

4. Imeem
My friend said, this is Pilihan Hatiku. He claims that I had influenced him to open Imeem more frequent than before. What to do friend. I have no other choice to listen to the latest songs for free. Actually, I use Imeem to litsen to my favorite playlist which contains not-so-new songs/nasyids. I started to use Imeem frequently since my previous laptop broke down and I had lost all my nasyids collection. Therefore, I pick Imeem as my source since I can listen to them with RM 0. Hehe.

5. My Email Accounts
I actively use these 2 accounts: Gmail and Yahoo! Therefore, everyday, I will/must, log in at least 3 times to check the emails. Sometimes nothing much important is waiting but this is the medium of connection for me and my parent, a few close friends and the place where I can read tazkirah everyday. There is 1 sender whom I don’t know the details of him, generously sends me tazkirahs and good stories everyday via my Gmail. I treasure it so much because the tazkirahs given are very, very heart-touching and soothing the soul. I believe that some of us will just delete the emails containing long unattractive tazkirahs. Why? Do they bother you? Or do they make you feel unease? But those emails that I received via my Gmail are very, very nice, self-composed and have a good conclusion in the end. Ok. Thank you Mr. X-Men. Hehe. (I just guessed that he is a man. I’m not 100% sure actually.)

For the 3rd rule, I don’t feel like continuing it actually. Hehe. Erm, maybe I would like to know the favorite links of Faresya, Fizz, Hafiz, Hayyi and Yasir? Why do I choose them? Because the 5 of them have different backgrounds of current doings and different personalities. Maybe we all can see different types of favorite links too. Mind to share?

So dear friens, these are the links of mine. The parks where I always ‘lay-park’ everyday.

16 Responses to “Linking Parks : Places Where I Always ‘Lay-Park’”

  1. hafiz238 says on :

    interesting. I will do it later and I might put more than 5 links πŸ™‚


  2. Muhammad Khairul says on :

    um betul2. lain orang, lain cita rasa. cita rasa kak sarah ni memang la banyak pasal perubatan ye

    as of news, saya jarang ikut berita pasal politik ke hape. tak berminat. sungguh. berita teknologi minat ar


  3. Rynn Cowbra says on :

    ryn da buat da neh.

    siyesli,link yg ryn kasi adelah mengarut 😐


  4. .:shahrin:. says on :

    terima kasih buat ks kerana sudi berkongsi link2 yang berguna. tq!
    p/s: psl tazkirah tu, sudikah ks memforwardkan emel itu kpd sy? maaf klu menyusahkan~


  5. djambu puadovich says on :

    psst! ‘gulung tikar’ bukan ‘bungkus tikar’…;)


  6. MK says on :

    ha a lah
    “bungkus tikar”
    lol ^^


  7. dhiyauqalbii says on :

    dik, da dapat ke w.paper tu?


  8. isuzu_aizu says on :

    sarah, hihi, tahniah2 krn berjaye menjwb tag tersebut.


  9. Aleeya says on :

    heheh “bungkus tikar”?


  10. Faresya Fareed says on : mesti hadiah hepi besday fare nih..kehkeh..2.3.1995


  11. ahib0205 says on :

    wah bertia bca 2X? luas pengetahuan nih πŸ™‚


  12. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Salam buat semua.

    thnks for have done it so fast πŸ™‚

    hehe. dh nama pun kamu budak IT. misti la minat yg pasal ni. klu tiba2 kamu minat baca psl medical journal sume ni, berpulun budak medic dtg cari kamu rujuk itu n ini πŸ™‚

    hehe.. termasuk link2 download iu n ini ye πŸ˜€

    insya Allah kalau ks akn forwardkn pd kamu plak πŸ™‚

    hehe. layan je. sesekali ubah skit peribahasa tu :p

    amboi… sedar jgk dia ye. hihik. malu plak ks sbb silap. tp.. ala.. layan je la kn :p


  13. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Kak Tikah:
    tak dapat lg so far.. kak tikah dh hantar ke?

    ni hadiah buat bekalan awk balik ausie πŸ˜€

    Kak Aleeya:
    alamak.. ramai la plak yg tegur psl ni yek. hihik.


    baca berita kerap sbb nk tau apa lanjutan isu yg pg td tu. hehe.


  14. dhiyauqalbii says on :

    aa,akak dah hantar.. hmm nanti akak cek semula, takut salah email address. tapi tak ada notice failure sending pulak.. sarah try cek kat bulk mail yer..


  15. fizz says on :

    salam sarah…

    tadi dah datang, tp xsempat nak bg komen, busy sesangat hr ni, skrg br lps abis meeting, InsyaAllah saya akan bt nant eks :D…sarah, rajinnya baca berita, pttla sarah peka ngan situasi terkini πŸ™‚ bagus tue..:D


  16. faisal says on :

    waaa,sy ingat takde org baca jurnal,hehehe…:P bagus betulla sarah ni..:) bleh jadi idol ni,hehe..dah gi sume link uyg sarah bagi tu..yang lain cam the star ngan imeem tu mmg slalu gi tapi yg lain mmg first time tengokla…:P


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