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A Wonderful Weekend

Assalamualaikum wbt

Haven’t been in holiday mood for a long time making me feel so energetic over the weekend. I woke up early on Saturday morning and have got the chance to cleanse up my room, my stuffs and do the laundry (have to continue the laundry on telekung, towel and a lab coat after this). In the afternoon, lazying around in the house, eating with the housemates, watching Bella TV series in Malaysia, and experimenting making up a new video gave me a total relaxing day.

In the evening, I went to a Piano Concert held in Moscow Central State Museum of Music. I was, again, offered by my leacturer, Mdm. Inna Hendihovna to go there with her. And this time, a few more students going along with me. Me, Davina and Jimmy were a bit late and for that reason, the regular middle seats for our tickets were fully occupied (free sitting system, no numbering). And when the organizer found an available seat at the front, he pushed me to sit there. At the third row from the stage. What a day! I sat among the VIPs. Huhu. Eventhough I was all away separated from my clan, but it doesn’t matter. They all came along with their partners but I was, as usual, a lone ranger. Hihi. Sitting at the front wasn’t that bad. The lady next to me was a very rich Datin-wannabe type. She has topaz at her neck! And she talked a lot to get rid of her boredom. At first, she had mistaken me as a music student. Blame my fingers. They didn’t stop dancing on my laps once the piano started to sing.

In short, the concert took about 2 hours and the half. The performances consisted of piano, organ and clarinet shows. Here are the videos I managed to capture (luckily I have got the front seat).

After the concert, we all went to catch our dinner at Mac Donalds nearby the concert hall. I didn’t want to join them but I have got no choice. Davina and Jimmy wanted to have dinner there. And I have got noone to go back home with me. So, my so called breakfast-lunch-dinner for yesterday was a fillet-o-fish with barbecue sauce. Enough.

And today, Mimie contacted me informing about her daughter, Sarah Imanina. She’s almost 1 month old. So, here is my niece’s photos. Not a real niece of mine but I’m her auntie tempelan tau. Oh, forgot to mention, this is my second anak buah tempelan. The first one is Hafiy Al-Fateh, Kak Lina and Abang Nuar’s son in Miri. Hafis’s 6 months old already. Yes. This is the first boy who makes myself being called as Auntie Sarah. Hehe. (Bilalah nak dipanggil ibu plak nih. Hehe). Hafiy Hensem and Sarah Tomey, you both lighten up my life!

Update on Sunday evening. We housemates went down at the housing compound to play badminton and Diba was having her futsal training. Wanie got herself some space to bloom her blues by the lake and unfortunately Emy wasn’t around. She went out to the city center to buy something. Pena and Fatt seemed very excited ran after the shuttlecock and believe me, I played with them too even though I wore skirt. Huhu~ What a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow, Monday is waiting to kill us again without fail…

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