Five Months

Assalamualaikum wbt

Another five months to go. Check yourself, dear.

a) Human Anatomy
b) Internal Medicine (rare cases are excluded still)
c) Paediatrics
d) Oncology
e) Surgery (revise the anatomical part again)
f) Orthopedic and Traumatology
g) Dermatology
h) Haematology
i) Tropical Diseases
j) Infectious Diseases
k) Phtisiopulmonology
l) Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) (still working on the surgical management)
m) Urology
n) Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT)
o) Neurology (I don’t like this one. Then how to start?)
p) Psychiatry
q) Endocrinology
r) Ophthalmology
s) Pharmacology
t) Embryology
u) Reanimation (NICU, CCU, ICU)
v) Drugs list
w) Skills
x) Mental preparation
y) State Exam (make sure you finish up the case files)
z) Graduation

I have covered half of the list within four months. I have to work hard to finish another half of it and repeat them all at least once again. Five more months left before leaving Russia for good! Ok. I need coffee. No. Coffees.


Note 1: Urgency gives me the acceleration to speed faster. I love it.
Note 2: You will seldom see me on the net (as if I could resist blogging).

29 Responses to “Five Months”

  1. cikgu jawe says on :

    suka kopi ah?. hehe.. ada kaffein maaa.. :))

    moga2 tercapai huruf z dgn cemerlang dn senyuman yg paling manis. [biasanya org pompuan nanges juga.. kekekeke] amin.


  2. akak says on :

    Insya Allah..sempat abiskan semua tu. Akak percaya ngan Sarah. Sarah boleh!..Nanti akak pos kopi banyakΒ² ek.. Minum kopi cap ape ye? Cap Kapal Api ke..:p.


  3. diya says on :

    agak dahsyat itu list. dengan tropica2 pun ada. penyakit hutan ke ape ni. huhu. yang diya tahu, z tu jelah. atas2 die, idok le teman tahu KS de. best of luck anyway. =D


  4. Mouad says on :

    Salam aleikom wr wb.

    I see, you’ve already studied oncology. So I have a question for you : do you know a medicine called Gemzar ?


  5. Inah says on :

    hey dear..wish u all the best πŸ™‚

    whenever u need to unwind urself, u can always come to ur space to let it out πŸ™‚


  6. ~young mango~ says on :

    sama dgn sy sarah..neurology is quite tough…tp thn ni sy amek tusyen and doctor tusyen tu mmg sgt best dan harap thn ni sy dpt suka dgn neuro dan kuasai dgn baik…panjang betul list sarah..i know u can do very very well and excellent…doakan sy juga ye..
    take care my dear sarah:-)


  7. kimot says on : sarah cover. kami ni lg 2bln nk final exam satu hapak pon xcover lagi..

    mmm..student mesia xserajin student oversea

    student mesia xsepandai student oversea…



  8. Nadia Yuna says on :

    all da best sarah. i know u can do it! will miss u badly for 3 months. waaaaa..

    i’m just got a fever. demam gabra kot =p


  9. hani says on :

    good luck!…:)


  10. haritz says on :

    Wah sangat memeningkan kepala! Smoga berjaya, berusaha la ya (mcm drama jepun lak ayat ni hehe)

    ps:memandang tajuk subjek tu pun saya dah pening πŸ™


  11. akubudakkampung says on :

    Sarah, all the best for you..

    and for me too..go!go! fight oh..^^


  12. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :



  13. Cinta says on :

    Salam Sarah…
    All the best, insyallah Sarah akan success :)…akak akan doakan..
    Sesungguhnya minum kopi kampung di musim hujan bersama dengan ubi kayu sangat mendamaikan perasaan…


  14. syzn says on :

    semoga berjaya~ =)
    susah x belajar jadi doktor nih?? nak tau sgt2…


  15. Ainul Arina Madhiah says on :

    salam ks~

    fuh, banyaknyer… go go!! bitaufiq.. ^_^ smoga sukses!


  16. Mouad says on :

    Salam to All.

    See this :

    Sign this Appeal, make it be known, be informed and keep people around you informed and aware. Join the already existing organisations, collectives and plateforms or help creating new ones wherever you are. Multiply information activities and civil and political resistance around the world.

    Fi amani Allah


  17. Doyot says on :

    Waah..sangat memberi inspirasi..saya juga suka urgency..i think that’s why a target is a must to success. Good Luck Dear Sarah.iAllah Sarah boleh.


  18. orangmuda says on :

    Juga ingin berkomentar.
    Semoga sukses kak sarah!

    p/s: kenang umat islam dlm doamu ya ukhti.



  19. Areefah says on :

    Saya sunggu teruja membaca setiap cerita anda tentang kehidupan seorang pelajar di Moscow, Russia.
    Terasa saya juga terawang bersama di Moscow. Jayyid Jiddan! Tapi sayangnya anda sudah nak berangkat balik ke Malaysia tahun ni ye? Walaupapepun, diucapkan selamat menjadi DOKTOR!!!!

    Siiru ‘ala barokatillah…


  20. aeryn says on :


    first time baca your blog. Anyway, good luck and semoga Allah memberkati hidup anda, dan semoga anda berjaya menjadi seorang doktor muslimah yang diredhai..

    like your blog and their content. Intriguing i must say.

    can i link you to my blog? πŸ˜‰


  21. ko_rek says on :


    semangat!! all the best ya!!

    semoga kamu jd doctor yg baek k-



  22. ahmad says on :

    erm.. lama tak posting baru.. demam lg erk?


  23. wai says on :


    selamat maju jaya. semoga semuanya dipermudahkan dan semoga semuanya indah indah belaka.

    bace blog aok ni, betul betul memotivasikan. serius. teruihkan belajo dan teruihkan menulih.


  24. Acai says on :

    Slm sarah..
    Sy paling suka mental preparation tu,hehe..mesti mental sarah makin kuat nanti,hihihi…apapun good luck sarah..pas abis Z tu kena start list baru..list untuk kahwin plak ye,hahahahahhaa…


  25. BasH says on :

    salam sarah, lama neh tak wat kunjung hormat…hehe,
    just nak share, malaysia punya suasana hospital n luar negara punya suasana sgt berbeza..hehe my sister dulu mula2 mmg culture shock…ada gak kawan2 dia yg give up…so be strong..heheh


  26. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Terima kasih semua =)

    *Sorry. Saya malas nak balas satu persatu. Kasi kombo jelah ye.*



  27. ahmad says on :

    kombo? igt mcdonald ke? kita org boikot la


  28. sarah mohd shukor says on :

    Please keep the comment related to the topic. Did I ever mention about McD? Plus, there’s no combo in McD, I guess. It’s in KFC. Anyway, it has been ages I haven’t been to McD. Thank you.


  29. ahmad says on :



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