The Leftover Type

Assalamualaikum wbt

Since last Friday, me and another 2 doctors were assigned to clerk on a patient with viral hepatitis. We went to a men’s department for viral hepatitis which actually there is no department for women. In summary to let you all understand, there are 2 types of hepatitis that is being classified based on route of transmission.

For Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E, the route is fecal-oral. Meaning, we can get infected by consuming contaminated food or water. Mostly in suburban area, in country side and the endemic area. For Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis D, the route is parenteral either by sexual contact, sharing contaminated needle for drug addict people, blood transfusion, mother-to-child during labor and a few more which related with blood exchange.

I’ve been assigned to a 25-year-old male who is handsome and very good looking young Russian guy. We performed the general clerking from top to toe as the basis to make the preliminary diagnosis. He was quite refusing to respond well. There were 2 possibilities of such behavior. Firstly because of his general condition which was quite bad at that moment, with very yellow skin, sclera and mucous membrane (jaundice). And the second reason maybe because of his social history which is the reason for this disease that made him embarrassed. What was the thing? Well, he is actually a drug addict. He takes drugs since 2 years ago and consistently uses it up till now. For Hepatitis C, the more frequent reason is because of sharing contaminated needle for drug addicts. And for Hepatitis B, the more frequent reason is because of sexual contact especially in homosexual homo sapiens as known as the gays.

So, my preliminary diagnosis for him was Acute Viral Hepatitis C, moderate stage, icteric (jaundice) course. As we went through his case report, he actually has Acute Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C together.

On Monday, we went meeting him again. He’s active, friendly and the condition was better than before. He responded very, very good to our questions and he seemed interested to know the reasons of this and that. He asked about the pain in his right upper quadrant, the discomfortness in abdominal region and all when I performed the percussion of the liver, spleen and the palpation of the abdomen. He laughed and smiled too with us.

After leaving the hospital, my partner, Dr. Pari said: Ish. What a waste of men. Those handsome and charming guys either there are Hepatitis B or Hepatits C. Then Dr. Farah asked back: Wasting what? Then Dr. Pari explained: Those with Hepatitis B are mostly gays. And those with Hepatitis C are mostly drug addicts. The rest who are healthy are just the leftover type.

Ok. We laughed. The leftover type. At least these leftover-type young men are healthy and disease free.

The conclusion, please dear friends, get yourself free from drug and homosexualism or promiscuous free sex. Islam is too perfect for has forbidding these to let us live in harmony and healthy. Think twice to be wise.

Info: Acute is considered if the duration of disease is less than 6 months and chronic is said if the disease prolongs more than 6 months with further development of symptoms and syndromes. Acute and chronic also can be differentiated regarding the markers of specific antigens and antibodies found in the blood. Later on, those with chronic Heptitis B,C and D can develop Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatocellular Carcinoma and may also result in death. But those with Hepatitis A and E will never develop chronic stage. After all, vaccinations against viral hepatitis are now available with 3-jabs course within 6 months.
Russia is celebrating The Men’s Day today. I wish Happy Men’s Day to all XY chromosomes belongers out there. Be a good beneficial man to the world. Don’t get involved with above problems ok 🙂 To the world, you are someone. To someone, you are the world…

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  1. .:shahrin:. says on :

    cewah, sudah boleh digelar doktor. sgt bersetuju dgn konklusi ks. sememangnya ajaran Islam itu telah lengkap, meliputi segala aspek (“,)


  2. one says on :

    Oh dear…
    so amacam?ok?
    em,ayat “oneib” tu macam mana ya?hehe


  3. Rynn Cowbra says on :


    betui la,sarah.
    yg tinggal pun xde lew healthy aner.

    ade yg merokok la,itu la ini la.


    abes la ryn jd anak dara tua pasnih. hahak!


  4. hafiz238 says on :

    I used to have problem differentiating acute and chronic Hep B based on antibodies test. They have different presentation depending on the severity of Hep B. If that man has acute Hep C, apparently 20% can recover from the disease.

    anyway, Islam has guidelines that we need to follow and I sincerely wish that many Muslims will quit smoking since it will deliver many worse diseases in the long term. Some ulama have even categorised smoking as haram due to various reasons.


  5. Muhammad Khairul says on :

    erk, i had bad online experience with gays. ew.

    i am handsome, charming, and disease free ^^


  6. fathiyyah says on :

    takde,tiba2 ks menyepi dlm blog sy..hehe rupa2 nya sy pun jarang bukak blog ks..ks pekaba?
    tibe2 jadi rindu plak kat ks..hehe walaupun berjumpa di alam maya je..huhuhu..


  7. onelove says on :

    ayat oneib tu macam ayat ko skg la.. haha


  8. dhiyauqalbii says on :

    salam dik..
    akak minta maaf tak dapat send mel yg dijanjikan ari tu..
    insya Allah dalam waktu terdekat ni akak send,termasuk PIC untuk dihubungi.. tengah update maklumat ngn junior2 yang handle menda tu skang..
    maklumla, akak dah pencen bab management ni, skang join progtram je..

    2 tahun lepas, masa memang biro yg akak lead btanggungjawab sepenuhnya untuk manage such as program..
    so apa2 nak minta bantuan just bagitau ok.. Insya Allah, moga niat mulia kalian dipermudahkan.. Amiin


  9. oneebay says on :

    Oh friends..
    awak ni siapa onelove?
    saya berjanji akan jadi lelaki paling baik utk cewek2.. kan sarah kan?
    ngeh ngah..


  10. "sishoney" says on :

    ada men day ek rupanya 🙂


  11. myfisol says on :

    Salam Sarah,

    lama tak singgah kat sini, dah banyak entry pun..

    Dari explanition sarah ni…rasanya lah kan, bro ni macam leftover type je..oh sedihnya..tak patut betul Dr. Pari tu..but *nak sedapkan hati* kat leftover tu lah selalunya di temui “one in a million”…

    Nasib baiklah ada statement “to someone, you are the world” tu…terasa shiny & happy sekali..


  12. Anonymous says on :

    ks,sbnr sha br je bc blog ks psl kehilangan.fhm.fhm mcm mn rs tu.fhm sha pn bs tu,rs cm nk sm sgt cte kte dua.kwn yg sgt baik.yg kte share evrythg.sdh sgt rs bezany ktrg duk jauh.bkn 1 skrg alhamdulillah,sha dh dpt blk die.ktrg dh baik smula.syukur sgt.bru je td,sha cite mslh sha kt die.sm2 share prob mcm dlu.sbnrny ks,blh kte rpt smula.insyaAllah ks ngan kwn ks tu rpt smula. 🙂
    neway,ni chichi la.hehehe


  13. Rynn Cowbra says on :

    Muhammad Khairul said…

    erk, i had bad online experience with gays. ew.

    i am handsome, charming, and disease free ^^




  14. tyrexia says on :

    akhir zaman ni laki2 dah la sikit. lgi wat kije bodoh..
    ish.. wat a waste of men!


  15. Inah says on :

    ohh sarah..lama x singgah sini..byk plak entri dia 🙂

    hep B, hep C..semua penyakit teruk tu

    hmm..tapi penyakit lagi teruk skrg is kanser..x mengenal umur, gender, status sosial..



  16. M A Sabtu says on :


    …di akhir zaman, manusia akan ‘cuba mengembalikan’ apa yang telah dilaknat Allah dizaman lampau!

    Mengapa? Kerana ada di kalangan manusia itu sememangnya dari spesis MAHKLUK PEROSAK!


  17. fattnieniey says on :

    heck.mari kita kejar the leftovers.

    p/s: tapi,sapa nak kejar kita?


  18. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Salam buat semua.

    once u are in clinical, u are a doctor already 🙂 get ready for it to be real on u soon.

    ayat2 yg mmg sgt mudah nak dikenal pasti n sama pattern.

    haah kan. yg tinggal pn, merokok la, itu la ini la.. abis la kita jd anak dara tua lepas ni 😐

    practice makes perfect 🙂 i love infectious dis. very clear to be diagnosed once we notice the right marker of it. hehe.

    ooo.. yg kisah kamu dikacau2 dek abangs abangs gays ittew yea. sabar la dek non. sbb kamu chomey sgt. tu yg abangs abangs ittew sukeee.. euuww.. ks cakap ada gaya gay x *wink*

    ks sihat je. sorry thia. ks sibuk amat. x menyempat sgt nak berjalan-jln ke blog kwn2..


  19. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    wah. cekap. ada yg sedar mcm mana gaya ayat oneib. ha oneib. skrg ini org pun sudah cam sama gaya awk.

    Kak Tikah:
    terima kasih byk2 sbb bg info kt sy hri tu. sy sedang work on that slowly. apa2 nnti, sy call akak smula. terima kasih byk2 kak tikah 🙂 hri tu kak tikah ingatkn sy faezah ye? hihik. dr dulu smpai skrg sokmo la org tersalah teka kami berdua ni. hihihi. dah berbelas tahun dh. tetap jgk mcm tu 🙂

    oh. penjelmaan barang mainan yg byk di pasaran. lepas ni ada Onetorrent plak kot 😀

    Sis Honey:
    haah. nnti 8 mac women’s day plak 🙂

    Bro Fisol:
    tp yg leftover ni yg berkualiti punya la dr segi kesihatan 😀 tu yg jd rebutan tu. hihi. ye. ayat tu 1 masa dulu pun penah buat sy rasa shiny n happy jgk 🙂


  20. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Chi Chi:
    hehe. x sangka plak kamu komen. ks baca ni pagi2 buta mlm td. ks sedar kamu ada kt bilik diba mlm td tp ks penat sgt balik smlm. apa2pun, psl cite ks tu, insya Allah ada rezeki elok la smula. tp x boleh la ks nak harap baik mcm dulu smula. x pe. yg penting, ks x de apa2 dendam pd dia 🙂

    ehem ehem ehem. yg ni khairul. yg khairil nak letak mana kakakku? :p

    tu la kan. what a waste of men! x tau la knp ramai sgt kebelakangan ni yg jd mcm ni. siap ada group2 lg. hmm..

    Kak Inah:
    tp utk cancer, kita x undang dia dtg. mostly sbb genetic.. yg dh ada dlm bloodline kita 🙁 sedih je kn. mcm hep B, C ni, penyakit yg diundang sndiri. sape suruh x beradab dgn hidup. hehe. sy emo :p

    Pakcik Sabtu:
    sy terbersemangat dgn term makhluk perosak tu. betul. diorg ni la yg ulang semula zaman kegemilangan kaum luth dulu. apa diorg ni x belajar dr sirah ke?? hmmm..

    kita kejar yg bachelor leftovers, yg kejar kita plak adlh married-leftoevrs. auww.. x rela i nyah :p hehe.


  21. Pensil says on :

    ks, katekn la ade 2laki je yg tinggal..ks lg rela pilih yg ade hep b ke hep c..hahaha


  22. sharpener says on :

    pensil pilihkan yerk..hep hep hore la..hahaha


  23. WanHidayat says on :

    Salam doc….i’m gettig better, sakit dalam ckit2 jeak….tak tahu plak ada juga orang sambut hari lelaki…ingat ke wanita sahaja yang perlu di hargai…..tak paham sgt baca apa doc tulis….abg kedua saya ada hepatatis B….dah teruk dah….tunggu masa jeak…..


  24. one says on :

    Oooh,terasa cam trendsetter sebab ada mr/s copycat


  25. faisal says on :

    Slm sarah, alaaa sy dah terlepas Men’s day,hehehe..:) sangat bagus info yg sarah bagi ni even berdasarkan apa yg sarah buat..:)walaupun sy tak faham sepenuhnya tapi sy general idea tu tahulah pasal benda2 tu,hihi..

    Org yg sering mengatakan keburukan Islam tak pernah tengok ajaran dan kandungan dalam Islam dengan lebih lanjut..slalu tengok permukaan je:( sbb tu byk disalah ertikan,huhu…Maha Suci Allah. minta dijauhkan dari penyakit2 seperti itu..


  26. onewan says on :

    Oit banyak nyer pakai nama i..Sarah pls jangan marah i..mereka semua ni suka copypaste entry..


  27. Hurul Ain says on :

    the leftovers??keke…comel jek.


  28. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Pensil & Sharpener:
    dh jawab kt entry kt atas 🙂 hehe.

    eh yeke? knp abgnya tu?

    sbb unik sgt kot gayanya tu.

    nak kenal apa itu Islam, belajarlah tentangnya. jgn amik separuh2 sekerat2. tgk keseluruhannya. sempurna! subhanallah…

    aik aik. sy pening2 sudah.. heheh

    leftover yg bermutu jgk sbnarnya 😀


  29. one says on :

    La..ingat Sarah dah mahir cam dr.A, Kalau nak tau saya yg ori ikut yg dr.A ajar, errr kalau dah copy xdelah uniknya kot,

    unik camne tu?(rasa cam mngada pun ada nih ;P)


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