Voiceless Communication

With you,
it’s all about voiceless communication
always knowing exactly what to say
but never actually having to say it.

You know everything there is to know about me
you know what worries me
what keeps me up at night
doing my call badly hard
you wait till the dawn is here
and you seem to be still sincere.

I tell you to rest
you insist to keep me fresh
by telling some stories of life
that can bring me cheer and laugh.
You have magic to keep me awake
that I can’t share it with anyone else.

Dear you,
I adore you for doing the routine
patiently waiting
despite of the silence.
I draw you in my mind
and keep tight in my heart.
And so I won’t forget you dear
everyday it grows fonder.

Thank you for waiting at the end of there
may the wall crack one day
and I can see your smile again.

-Sarah Mohd Shukor-
(3 weeks)

Note 1: Adapted from a line given by my friend, Cik Ati. I know it’s not perfect. It’s just a morning ramble.

Note 2: I’m on leave. Insya Allah will update a few stories later. And for now, let’s recite the Quran to the max~

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