Day 2

Assalamualaikum wbt

I woke up this morning with emptimess. Prepared to work as usual and left home without excitement. It’s only day 2. And it’s almost certain that emptiness is all around.

Ok. Change story. While typing this, I suddenly met my English teacher back in Al-Khairiah who happened to come here to visit her mother. Yes, I’m typing this while walking to car. Hehe. After I kissed her hand, she gave me a hug and with smile she said: Be a paediatrician. It suits you and you can do lot of pahala.

She soothes my emotion. At least for a while. Thank you Teacher Zarina =)

Alright. Now I’m heading to a reflexology center to get my feet massaged properly. I’ve been suffering numbness over both lower limbs since a week ago. Since I’ve already got my hardship paid pretty handsome this month, so I’m going to treat my feet with the best Thai massage in the town.

And dear you, please be good.

Note: I dreamt of cobra last night. When I woke up, I was sweating as if the aircond was never been switched on last night. Penat rupanya kena kejar dek ular ye =p

5 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. akustik says on :

    nampak kebizian tu..sebab tak align kan(biasa align). teruskan usaha kamu dengan penuh kesabaran. 🙂

    *akhirnye terkomen juga buat pertama kali. Huhu.


    Sarah Reply:

    Saya kagum sebab awak sedar tentang hal alinment tu 😎

    Sebenarnya kenapa saya tak setkan alignment waktu tu sebab saya update blog guna fon. Aligntment tetap akan lari walaupun dah set kan. Tu la sebabnya 😉

    Thanks sebab pay attention. Tak sangka ada yang sedar ye. Hehe


    akustik Reply:

    Oh. yeke. er..sebab sebelum ni pernah ada entry tentang blog yang disukai kan.
    suka yang align, tak guna shortform n etc. tu yang ingat. hee


  2. nhhas says on :

    DS nk ckp – DS nk kawin dh tak lama lagi…hihihi…agaknya…
    ketara sgt lh DS…


  3. aisyahkama says on :

    congrats KS. tak lama dah tu. 😆


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