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Time flies very fast. It’s Friday. I just had my bad day which was on Monday morning and it seems to me it just happened yesterday. I woke up late and needed to rush to hospital. Luckily my blue scrub attire did soothing my adrenaline rush.

I did some hadith readings last night. To revise one’s self and soul, we need to be reminded, don’t we? So, I spent time reading hadiths from the book of belief (iman) compiled in The Sahih Collection of Al-Bukhari (by Imam Bukhari).

We may claim we have found tranquility in life and our dignity is kept best at the most profound place in our heart. But have we ever revised how modest have we been to Allah, our parents and to people around us. Let’s not forget. Modesty is the bareroot of self reconstruction. We need to feed our soul and the most simple way is by being modest in life. Yet, it is the hardest thing seems to accomplish.

We tend to brag over things we think we are good at. We turn proud when people tell some compliments. We think we are always right. We fight over things which actually we should not bring them up. We stand our ego. We make prior on what give benefits on us though it smashes and kills the hearts of many.

That is what a normal mankind does. And that shows we are lacking in modesty. And we forget that modesty is a branch of belief.

It was related from Abu Hurayra, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Belief has over sixty branches. Modesty is a branch of belief.”

As simple as that, it explains how ego oneself to admit the thick ego one has built in the heart. As long as we don’t take it away, modesty won’t come in major to shower our life and to streghten our belief.

It was related from Anas that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Whoever possesses three attributes will experience the sweetness of belief: that he loves Allah and His Messenger more than anything else; that he loves someone for the sake of Allah alone; and he hates reverting to disbelief as much as he would hate being thrown into a fire.”

May we become one of them, be granted with the sweetness of belief. A stumble may prevent a fall. Imam Syafie once said, the easiest way to reach modesty is to run a humble life. Please, do think, obviously we can see the logic.

Note 1: Dear me, do practise what you preach.
Note 2: Modesty – Ular menyusur akar tak hilang bisanya. (English? Anyone? But I think the Malay one is better~)
Note 3: Don’t ever tell me I am pretending to be a holy virgin here. I know some will tell this right to my face. Thanks but no thanks. Check your own life.

10 Responses to “Modesty”

  1. haritz says on :

    Bagus Sarah terangkan cuma pengajian ilmu Islam terlalu luas, teruskan usaha kamu.

    ps:Dalam aku ada Dia, dalam Dia ada aku dan ada semuanya.

    pss:Perbalahan entang mazhab hanya pada manusia bukan pada Allah.


  2. Fathiyyah says on :

    akak,smlm jumpa Kak Faiq..dah sampaikan pelukan akak pada Kak Faiq da..


    akak,terima kasih atas peringatan ini 🙂


  3. alang says on :

    best la angah..teruskn..kdg2 terlupa,siapa kita ni..
    terima kasih


  4. ytmz says on :

    Modest = Rendah Hati, Humble Life = Rendah diri, Serba merendah lah maksudnya ni ya. Ye lah kan, tak kan nak meninggi pulak, apa hebat ke kita? Atas usaha kita ke apa kita dapat sekarang kan? Menarik-menarik entry ni. Jangan Riak, Jangan Ada Rasa Nak Eksyen sikit. Bagus lah.


  5. djambu puadovich says on :

    sarah, mintak pandangan sarah ttg entry sy…terima kasih…:)


  6. Lee says on :

    terima kasih di atas peringatan.. 😉


  7. kimot says on :

    sarah…kami bercuti ni..=)


  8. Doyot says on :

    Salam Sarah,

    Merendah diri sbnrnya sentiasa membuatkan kita mahu jadi lebih baik. thanks for the entry though, really a good wake up call..


  9. Izzah Marzuki says on :

    well said, angah! =)


  10. Anonymous says on :

    good entry..really.


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