And So I Love You!

Assalamualaikum wbt

Sometimes, the best person that can make we smile is not the closest person that we see almost everyday, we talk to almost every time we want to and we share almost every story that we feel like to.

That is just it. These days, I seldom go online with my violent brother, Adnan. I do not on my YM on weekdays and for him, he is super busy with his work. So we just left each others some short offline messages whenever we need some opinions on somethings.

But today, he really rocked my day. I was almost dying in bored spending the whole day IN MY ROOM and only spoke a few sentences with my housemates whose apparently having their discussion on their winter trip. I tried finishing the last novel I got in hand but failed due to boredom that really kills me. I texted Nan and told him how bored I was. He replied with simple answers. 3 SMS with 3 simple answers (Serius makan hati waktu tu). Ayah doesn’t really entertain us via SMS. Emak is now having her camping in Dusun Eco Resort with the 2 kiddos. Kaklong didn’t reply my SMS at all. I did not text Lan, Adi neither Adam. I know they are a credit-saver type.

But then, when Nan reached his house, he buzz-ed me (sorry, I purposely invi to all except my family). Ok we chatted about everything around us. The best part was the latest gossips that run in the family! About Nisa, about he himself, about his job, about his plan coming here for my graduation (insya Allah) and about everything!

Yeah. Thank you Nan. One thing about this fella. When he hurts my feeling in any way, he always knows how to tackle me back. I mean, if he did say something that I rather not paying attention to in his SMS, he would catch thing back while chatting with him.

Hishh… Nan, seriously, I love you!

You are no longer a violent kid. You’re just the way you are. A successful charming young man. You are always dear to my heart.

p/s: Sorry Nan. Ngah don’t have any latest pic of you. I think this one should be ok for you. Otherwise I’ll put something fishy up here. Huhu~

Note: For the second night, I’ll hit bed very early. Blame the boredom. (=_=)

7 Responses to “And So I Love You!”

  1. CritiCalThinKer says on :

    wah hebat nya saudara lelaki kamu ini.. tahniah kepada ibu bapa kamu sarah..


  2. Khairul says on :

    i’ve just recently realized that.. our very own siblings, makes the bestest bestfriend.. and now i’m how learning to appreciate them more. like you did, KS ^_^


  3. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    awk tu apa kurangnya. sape ye. along, amni, imna. semua hebat2.

    kita selari =) kirim salam pd dua2 kakak kamu k.


  4. nadia says on :

    SEMUANYA TERPULANG kepada individu…neway,blogger pun kawen dengan doktor.ramai yang mempersoalkan.nowadays,mereka bahagia:D


  5. Nadia Yuna says on :

    saya rindu adik saya Naim!



  6. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    yup yup. byk lg contoh yg lain sebenarnya kan. terpulang pd individu tu sendiri mcm mana nak raikan kehidupan mereka berdua =)

    Nadia Yuna:
    eh sat sat. kat atas ni bukan awk eh? erm… awk rajin2 la call Naim. jgn biar rindu berkepuk dlm dada =)


  7. kaklong says on :

    sory… bukan saje tamau reply msg. masa tu tgh BTN. hp sume kena amek..=(


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