A Dream Catcher

Assalamualaikum wbt

We once surely had dreamt of becoming someone else from what we are now. When I was 6, I joined the kindergarten pretty late compared to the rest. It was in March I could say. Actually, I started my prekindergarten at 5 in Temerloh town for the reason that my parent wanted me to attend an Islamic kindergarten (Taski). So, there I stayed for a few months (or maybe weeks). I couldn’t stay there any longer because of the distraction from my so called cousin who was in the same Taski with me. And now, I can tell you that it was only my excuse to get rid of that Taski. I didn’t enjoy my daily lesson because I kept thinking at what time my mother will come to fetch me home. And usually, I would be the last student who left the Taski.

Later, I’ve been transfered to another Taski. Exactly in the town (the previous ones was in a housing compound of Taman Seri Semantan). For the first few days, my gradmother accompanied me to the school and stayed in the class with me. I was not embarrassed at all to be accompanied by my guardian because of the reason I knew I could reach home earlier if my grandma took me home. The first day over there, I remembered how I was accidentally noticed as a brilliant kid. Everything was because of a question from my ustazah asking what is Asadun (Asadun is an arabic word). I answered confidently Asadun means lion. My ustazah asked me twice did I ever learn it in my previous Taski? I said no. To tell you all the truth, I knew the meaning of Asadun is because of a children cassette compiling 10 songs teaching simple muslim prayers, arabic words and a few more telling about Allah and Rasulullah. I still remember the cover of the cassette. A little boy sitting on the sajadah held up his hands praying to Allah. The conclusion is, I was not brilliant back then in that incident. All credit should be given to my father who had bought the cassette for us.

When my grandma could no longer come to school with me, I always cried towards the end of the class session. Everyday, my father will come to pick me up with his big super duper red Yamaha. I can tell you what, I always proud to be riding on it. People would throw us a jealous glance. But now we own it no more. I think my father could not stand me crying not to go to school almost everyday. Therefore, I quitted and was not attending kindergarten since then until I reached 6.

What made me resumed my schooling? 20 years ago, my father owned a farm. Consisted of chickens, rabbits and quails. He would be around in the morning processing his chickens (Did ayah just finish study at that time? I’ve forgot everything in exact). Our current house was still under construction. For the time being, we stayed in a double-storeyed house located about 300 meters from our house now. Every morning, after my mother left to work, I would stand at the balcony and waited for Cikgu Izumi to pass by my house (we called that house as rumah sewa). Cikgu Izu is a kindergarten teacher. When she walked by, I would shout out loud to greet her salam or good morning. Seeing me being so good to her, I think, it became the reason to send me to her kindergarten. Tadika Kemas Kampung Lebak.

The first day in Tadika, I cried badly. So so badly wanted to go back. And now, if I could turn back time, I did not want it to happen. I have 2 second cousins who were in the same class with me. Ashiq and Shafiq. And up till now, if we happened to meet during family gathering, hari raya or any functions, their grandma will bring up the story to peak. Ya Allah. It is so embarrassing. She will tell the rest how bad it was. She knew everything because the boys told her the story when she came to pick them with her black old bicycle.

And luckily it happened only on the first day. For the second, third and the rest of the year, I have started to enjoy the school and friends that I made over there. I was the only student wearing scarf (hijab) to school. One day, Cikgu Izu reminded us to cleanse our ears because the next day, she wanted to check up our body cleanliness (ears and nails). At home, I forced my mother to help me to cleanse my ears but instead she said that my ears were clean enough. But I still wanted to do something to make them look cleaner for the check up. So, I took my towel and some kind like polishing my ears. It was painful but I kept doing it though. And the next day, I actually was excluded from the inspection because I was wearing scarf. Ouch. And my ears were already swollen. And I regretted for not listening to my mother.

In that Tadika, Cikgu Izu always regarded me as the class monitor (Wasn’t me who was the last student registered to the kindergarten? I didn’t get it till today). She always asked me to be the facilitator in solving the Maths problems. She once whispered to me like this: Sarah, kamu jawab laju sangat dari kawan-kawan yang lain. Jadi kamu tolong saya ajar kawan-kawan boleh? I sensed nothing in her words. Only years after that I realized that I was quite a fast learner especially in numbers back then.

During the graduation day, 3 kindergartens combined for one certificate giving ceremony. My school had to perform 2 dances. So I took part in Inang (seriously I’ve forgotten how the steps were!) and an Orang Asli dance (got a special name for it but I couldn’t recall it). Oh, before everything started, I had been given an opportunity to recite the ayatul Quranul Karim (maybe for the reason that I was the only one student who’s wearing scarf). If I tell you the story, promise me not to laugh over it ok. Promise?

I sat on the special podium in front of hundreds people. Microphone was placed very close to me. A muqaddam was settled on a rehal (the thing that we use to put Al-Quran on it). And so there was me starting to recite it politely with the proper attitude of reading the Holy Book. As a rule, we always should have started it with Isti’azah (A’uzubillahiminasy Syaitonirrajim). But I stucked there repeating A’u… A’u… A’u… for three times! I failed to complete it! Later, the father of the 2 boys (Ashiq and Shafiq) (who is my uncle named Ayah Long Naha) came nearer and said the whole complete sentence for me to repeat after him. Ya Salam. Only after that I could continue the recital. Right after the incident, the crowd addressed me as ‘Radio Buruk’ and up till now, Ayah Long Naha will tease me upon this incident. Anyway, I found it as a joke too. How could I be so nervous and fail to say it out in 1 shot? Ya Salam… Ya Salam…

In the end of the ceremony, while receiving my graduation scroll, the YB asked me one question. Besar nanti nak jadi apa? I smiled and firmly answered: Nak jadi doktor, Dato’. There he stood still, smiled to me and said: Belajar pandai-pandai, rajin-rajin.

And here I am to catch my dream. I am a dream catcher. And what about you?

Kisah Cuti Hari #4 dan #5

– Hari keempat, saya hanya tidur saja. Bangun hanya untuk solat, makan dan makan ubat. Kemudian sambung tidur kembali. Demam tak surut-surut lagi sehinggalah malam.
– Hari kelima, masih demam tapi saya tidaklah berbaring saja. Esok kelas akan bermula jadi saya mempersiapkan barang-barang, mencuci baju dan lain-lain. Lega. Cuti sudah tamat.

33 Responses to “A Dream Catcher”

  1. faisal says on :

    Salam sarah,
    wah, seronok baca kisah sarah kecik2 nih..mesti sarah cute masa tu,kekeke..alaaa, takkan takde gambar sarah ngah nangih tu,hahahaha..:P

    dulu mmg excited pi tadika..:) hari2 awl masuk tadika tu dah suruh abah balik…malu kat kawan2 kalau abah or mak tunggu,hahahaha..tak tpt sy ada taska/taski selepas sy skolah rendah darjah 3 or 4 camtu..:)

    tapi mmg terserlah dari kecik sarah seorang yg bijak dan cerdik,hehe..:) bagus abah sarah dah dedahkan benda2 baik seawal usia kecik tu..mmg patut dicontohi..


  2. fizz says on :

    salam sarah,

    saya rasa seperti mahu berdiri dan bertepuk tangan bangga dengan kamu sarah,wah dr kecik dh bercita-cita nak jd Doktor 🙂

    #sy minggu nie terlebih rajin, setiap hr bwk bekal, bese keluar mkn ngn kwn, tp mggu ni mkn bekal sndr 😀


  3. arsaili says on :

    salam..terbaca kisah sis ni, teringat juga masa tadika..dulu ada 3 kelas semuanya, A (cikgu margrate yg motherly), B (Cikgu Hadijah yg berbadan gempal dan garang), C (Cikgu “tak ingat nama” yg slim tapi terlampau garang). Saya kat kelas cikgu magrate, tapi bila dia sakit, kita org kena combined, separuh masuk kelas B, separuh lagi kelas C. Waktu cam nak nangis jer sebab takut kat cikgu.
    Satu lagi kalau balik sekolah, mak ambik..sampai kat rumah arwah mak ipot, mak akan perlahankan kereta dan saya dan kakak akan jerit..”mak ipot jual kuih..mak ipot jual kuih”…kekadang mak akan stop beli kuih.


  4. myfisol says on :


    bro x dpt nak tinggal komen kat sini, sebab rushing nak ke KL..lagi!..nanti ada peluang singah balik ke sini..mesti menarik cerita nie..


  5. harizhazwan says on :


    waaa…tpakse langgar janji (bhs mudah: xsgaja gelak)….
    bkn sgaja, tp, out of the will…
    tp, bagus kak dr kecik da nk jd doc..
    sy ni pelik,
    cita2 time budak dlu pnyala pelik…
    n bile da “besar sikit” dlm darjah 3 n sooo on,
    bler org tny,
    “nk jd per?”
    sy tatau nk bg exact answer n jawab..
    “nk jd per tatau, tp, yg tau xnk jd doc n engineer”…
    da masa 2, sy rse sume bdak2 keliling sy bcita2 nk jd doc n engineer…
    jd, sbgai org yg slalu nk ade klainan, sy jwb cam2….=)
    Last2x, bler da abes spm ni,
    parents sruh amek medic…adehhhh…
    mesti “sy kecil” dlu marah kpd “sy skarang”…=)

    nyway, da amek medic, xleh nk blaja numbers kn?


  6. ~young mango~ says on :

    kelakar la baca cerita sarah..sy 1st day gi tadika pon menangis2..ayah sy kena tunggu kat tadika dan sy akn duduk gi pintu kelas supaya nampak ayah…kalo ayah hilang je,terus nangis sekuat2 hati..mcm2 kenangan masa kecil dulu kan..alangkah indahnya kalo dpt diputarkn kembali ke masa itu..

    slmt menyambung kuliah sarah…next week minggu terakhir kuliah sy…pastu cuti study leave..31/5 start final..cuti study leave ni sy xde kat egypt..bermusafir ke suatu tempat..hehe…rindu sarah sgt2!!!

    ***moga cepat2 baik demam..jgn lupa mkn ubat ye doc=)


  7. Hasrul Halid says on :


    Saya memang tak gelak! Saya cuma senyum aja…!


  8. Liyana says on :

    salam ngah…
    hmmm pnye la pnjang cte psl kcik2…
    puas yna pkir mle2nye pa kaitn ngan dream catcher tu…
    rpenye nk smpai cte kt bwh tu kcik2 ckp kt YB ngah nk jdi doc…

    huhuhuh..yana ni mgkin kategri dream catcher jgak kot…
    yna dri dlu lgi mnat ngan buildgs…bleh la kot….

    hmmm…ksah kndegrten yna….hmm x igt sgt la…yna pn pgi taski gak..tadika annajmi…sronk g sne..hihihi…bek la ngah..pkai tdg constant je…yna plak..kcik2 dlu 1 or 2 jam je lkat tdg tu..huhuh…pstu bkak..sbb rimas lgi…tp skang..insyaAllah ttp tdg tu….


  9. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Salam buat semua.

    sy mmg cute kecik2 dulu. huhu. sy ada gmbr naik lembu. kalau awk tgk, sah2 awk jealous. huhuhu. bdk laki mmg camtu. x nak kena teman sbb nak tunjuk macho la kn. sy pun x tau knp sy nangis amat wkt 1st day tu. padahal sy bukan la takut mana pun. sekolah tu sebelah kwsan rumah sy skrg je. pisah dek pagar n pokok2 buah je la lebih kurang. ntah apa2 kn. ha tu la.. trma kasih sgt2 kt ayah sy sbb apa yg dia didik tu dh buatkn sy dicop sbg bdk pandai plak. padahal dh hari2 dgr lagu kanak2 tu :p

    tp kan fizz, ada 1 masa dulu, wkt tu dh f4 f5, sy terasa sgt2 nak jd lawyer. sungguh2 degil x nak amik borang matrix ke apa sbb konon2 x nak proceed science stream. huhu. keras kepala betul wkt tu. tp ayah pujuk suruh isi je dulu. tu pun lepas kaunselor kt sekolah dulu dh risau sbb ada 3-4 org je yg x nak isi borang matrix. sy la salah sorang yg keras kepala tu. ni sume gara2 bahas la. alkisahnya nak jd lawyer la konon2. hehe. tp sy dh janji dgn ayah, kalau straight As je sy proceed dgn medic. nasib la badan. sape suruh main janji2 kn :p padan muka. hehe. maka, tersebutlah kisah a dream catcher ni. kalau x dh jd a blooming lawyer kot tajuknya kali ni 😉

    Bro Arsaili:
    waa… ada cite best jgk rupanya. misti dlm kelas cikgu cantik tp garang tu bro akan senyap je kn. huhu. erm.. arwah mak ipot ni sape bro?

    Bro Fisol:
    oh. out station ke KL lg ke? dlm bulan ni, dh bape kali bro travel ye. takpe. alah bisa tegal biasa. a man has to do what he has to do 🙂


  10. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    eii jahat gelakkan org. huhu. tp akak sndiri bila ingt2 mmg akn gelak sorg jgk :p tambah plak kalau ayah sedara akak tu ungkit2 n kena2kn akak. adui. malu sungguh! eceh. kononnya nk bg impak maksima dgn jwpan macho x nak jd doc or engneer la ye. tp akak rasa, kmy yg dulu tu akn bangga dgn kamu yg sekarang sbb dh berjaya menajdikan diri kamu sbg seorang ‘manusia’, bukan setakat ‘orang’ 🙂

    awk nak tau, sy terbayang2 awk dgn muka cebek mcm nak nangis duduk kt muka pintu sambil mata jeling2 tgk ayah awk ada ke tak. terasa lucu pun iye. hihi. x sangka jgk yg awk pun nangis2 jgk ye. sama la plak kn 😀 faiq, selamat berangkat nnti. tp plan yg sblum tu, sy akan confirmkan jumaat ni. sy tunggu cikgu sahkan bila cycle sy ni abis. eiiii… sy rindu kt awk jgk! sy ingtkan, plan yg awal tu dpt la nk spend masa dgn awk sat sblum awk jd isteri org. huhuhu. hari ni sy x makan ubat dh. sbb x nak mengantuk. mcm smlm n 2 hri lepas, makan ubat je, bum sy tumbang tido. x menjadi kerja. hehe.

    Bro Hasrul:
    hehe. nasib baik la senyum je. kalau x, mmg x jd nak beli pen sebatang tu :p

    ngah mmg gini kot yana. cerita dh menjela panjangnya, bru la smpai ke point. hohoho. nak tau sape YB tu? dato’ sarit tu. yg tok selalu sebut2 tu. sedara belah arwah tok abah kot (ke sebelah tok. ngah pn dh x ingat dh). ngah agak la kan, klu ngah jmpa dia smula, misti dia terkejut tgk budak radio buruk dulu tu dh besar gini dh. hehe. ngah tau taski yana tu kt mana. dekat je dgn rumah kt taman sura dulu kn. ala yana. kecik2 dulu adat la kalau tudung tu x kekal kn. nama pun budak2 kn. tp alhamdulillah skrg yana sndiri tau yg mana betul, yg mana salah. yg mana penyempurna agama, yg mana sebaliknya 🙂 aisshh.. hari2 nmpk awk kt sini, ngah jd rindu sgt kt awk. ingt lg x awk ikut ngah n dayah ke kuantan? kita bergathering cucu2 pmpuan tok halimah kt teluk chempedak. kita gi amik kaklong nisa di uia kuantan then kita gi makan2. lepas tu kita lawat ayesha di sekolah ihsan? waaa…. bestnya wkt tu. awk pun wkt tu selamba je ponteng sekolah. huhuh. best best. rasa nak buat lg je.


  11. Mak Su says on :

    catch dragonfly? catch belalangkunyit? ahaks


  12. drbubbles says on :


    When I was in the kindergarten, I acted as a doctor in a play during the graduation day.

    Supposedly, while treating a good friend of mine who was acting as a patient I should read my script like this,

    “berapa hari pakcik dah sakit?”


    “Berapa lama hari pakcik dah TAK sakit?”

    You can imagine how the audience laughed out loudly as I ‘sengih aje’ in embarassment.

    I never foresee that some 20 odd years later, I become one of those ‘clown doctors’ whose mission is to fumble in order to make a child laugh.

    Interesting kan?


  13. one says on :

    u know i nvr had tadika experience, neither standard six primary school, skipped all them haha


  14. Aizuddeen Ahmad Zabidi says on :

    1stly, name cikgu awak tu macam name sy..uish..differs by gender la tapi..
    wohohoh..citer mase tadika tuh..
    tergelak sket bleh?..ngehngehngeh..
    agaknye tu la starter utk awak boleh petah becakap sampai skang..kalo le mase debate dulu begitu, sah2 le masalah besar, aite?

    aiyo..how come u cried at kindergarten? based from my experience of WATCHING others mase kecik2, nangis sbb teringat bantal busuk yg dipintal2 kat rumah.. i reckon u r one of dat type kot.. no offense..


  15. harizhazwan says on :

    hehe…bkn nk bg impak maksima ke x..
    tp, mmg sy da dilahirkn dgn impak maksima…wahaha 😉

    pkir2 balik, bru t’igt yg snany yg bole wat sy x der cita2 dlu 2 psl mak cik sy condemn cita2 sy masa kecik dlu…x msk tadika lg da nk jd lawyer gak…haha…mse tu mmg slalu loyar buruk kot =)…

    pas2, ade 1 ptg tuh, kat umah atuk sy, dkat maghrib da, sy tgah pakai kain sarung, baju melayu hijau, mse tadika la ni ke darjah 1…
    dy tny nk jadi per?
    sy jwb,”lawyer”.
    dy pon kte,”eh, x yah jd lawyer la..nnt klu back up org salah caner? bdosa n msuk neraka laa” sy mase 2 kn dak kecik lg, terus tbantut cita2…da x leh pikir leklok lg kan…pas2, da x igt da cita2 2 smpai skang….

    igt balik psl ks wat posting psl bnd ni..haha 😉

    thnx a lot =)


  16. myfisol says on :


    it seems that my early childhood days was totally upside down of yours…never been to kindy, not brilliant either and as you already know I play harder than study..probably at that moment,I’m not a dreamer just like you…

    And only after SPM then I’ve a dream of becoming an engineer and I work hard to achieve it..and I did it..then when you’re already an engineer you have another dream, to become a specialist and would like to see you name in the halls of fame and you achieve that as well…after that you start thinking..oh! I want to further my studies and put me above the rest and sharing my knowledge..you go back to university again to get Masters…and you done as well…and lastly I want to be at my best and design another designers like me..and I need to get a Phd..and that’s what happening to me..

    You see..dreams always change as we move from one stage to another..for that, keep dreaming…

    But I do admire people with high spirit and determination like you and k.mai as well..as for k.mai she has a diploma in science, degree masters (eng.) and she going to get another one (double masters)..and now busy preparing herself Phd.*kasi chance ye sarah..nak puji wife sebdiri nie*

    sori, panjang plk komennye..


  17. Liyana says on :

    igt lgi ye ngah taski yna tu…

    ngah x sah cte kt org yna ponteng skolah..huhuhuh…mlu…bkn ciri2 pljar cmerlang..haks…nway i really missed that part….huhuh sgguh srnok n bhgia…kite mnum air klpa mkan mee..insya Allah bleh buat lgi huhuh..lpas ni bkn pnteng sek dh..pnteng lecture lak..haks..

    insyaAllah i’ll be a muslimah sjati yg consistent….wawawawa…


  18. Inah says on :

    salam sarah..lega ye cuti dah abis..

    sarah beruntung sbb ade zaman kanak2 yang menarik..

    bagi akak..zaman kanak2 akak adalah zaman yang akak ingin lupakan sebab akak x penah pi tadika..akak selalu dapat no corot dalam kelas..

    but..look at me now 😛

    dream catcher ye..akak mengimpikan kerjaya seorang doktor..apakan daya..hanya seorang pensyarah yang termampu..and i’m glad with it 🙂

    psst sarah..nak YM ngan sarah leh tak 🙂

    add id akak ye : inahbiomed


  19. Rynn Cowbra says on :

    drbubbles sgt comel la!

    sarah,tecip dulu ryn pun nak jd doctor.
    siap main doctor2 dgn pappa yang tgh tdo. diagnose pappa ade sakit jantung agik. muahhahahha! segala jenis permainan doctor2,sume ryn nak beli.

    tp xde rejeki nak jd doctor la ryn neh :p

    taem ryn tadika agik teruk oke.
    mulenyer ryn g tadika apentah kat KL.tp x lame.
    sbb ryn pindah umah. dok s’gor lak.
    so,tadika pun pindah. masuk tadika kemas.
    tp x tahan. xsuka.
    so,ryn x g tadika.
    rase2nyer,ryn g tadika adela sebulan dua jek seumo idop ryn. muahahhahah!

    tp kan,ryn kire lucky sgt. masuk darjah satu,ryn da dikire sgt hebat dlm bahse inglis. sbb kan,ryn ari2 duk melanguk depan tivi,layan megaTV[taem tuh xde astro!] tengok kartun Lulu la,ape la. hiks!

    sampai skang pun kene usik sal tadika tuh. ahaks!

    itu juge sbb nape ryn kene pakai spek. ari2 duk melanguk depan tivi. when i say depan,i mean depan. beberape inci agik nak ciom tivi. sbb takut sbb duduk sensorang kat umah. hahak!


  20. baiz says on :

    hehe.. comelnyer sarah waktu kecik2.. =) suka sy bc citer awak. kecik2 manja yek?? hehehe.
    sarah, mari kita sama2 mengejar mimpi sesama. jadikan ia kenyataan. insyaAllah.


  21. Mimie Azrin says on :

    salam sarah,

    wah lame betul tak jengah ke sini. dah panjang berjela2… uhmm tp sori yerk dik mie still tak sempat nak baca semuanya masih sibuk dgn mimie jr aka sarah imanina 😛

    now im spending most of my time at my mom in law, sementara masih cuti ni. becoz hari2 opah dan atuknya tanya bila sarah nak dtg sini. heheh… her cousin (shazmin)is so jealous if her rite now becoz she has to share the attention from atuk n opah now 😉

    hmm..still tak sempat nak update blog n pics of sarah yet. will do soon. sarah is such an angel. when r u cmg back to mesia? we hav to meet up~!! daaa— to be continued.


  22. silent reader says on :



  23. Shueqry says on :

    Salam Sarah, Shueqry here..

    Well, saya baru terjumpa blog ni.

    Terkejut saya membaca isi-isinya.



  24. david santos says on :

    Hello, Sarah!
    I loved this post!
    Thank you.


  25. akak says on :

    :).. kuat nangis jugak ye..mmm..mesti cutekan muka Sarah masa tu..

    Bestnya ade pengalaman tu..akak takde pengalaman masuk tadika terus jadi budak sekolah..nasib baik masuk darjah 1 tak nangis..kalau tak malu kat Sarah je..:D…


  26. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Salam buat semua. Nanti sy reply ye. sy busy skit skrg


  27. hafiz238 says on :

    I never dream to become a doctor before and I’m not that good in Biology during SPM.

    yet, I’m doing medicine now 🙂


  28. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    sy kecik2 dulu selalu main laga semut hitam. huhu~

    Bro Iskandar:
    ya Allah.. tergelak sy baca. sy dpt bayangkn dgn muka wkt kecik2 yg innocent, lg la lucu wkt tu. tp tu la kan bro. we never knew then what are we gonna be today. n im proud of what u are doing. for the public. for the children. tak semua org have the courage to be like u 🙂

    oo.. x amik UPSR la ye. tp knp?

    haah. tu la pasal. nama cikgu tu sama dgn awk. wkt sy tulis entry ni dulu pn sy terfikir, eh eh, sama dgn awk ni. cikgu izumi ni rumah dia belakang bukit rmh sy yg skrg. tp kalau dia nk ke sekolah, dia akn lalu tepi bukit n depan rmh. dulu tu sy nangis sbb sy dh fobia kena tinggal kt sekolah yg tak best. balik lambat. tp sehari je sy nangis tu. esoknya dh ok. sbb sy tau sy x kisah walaupun x de sape teman. rumah dekat je n bila abis kelas dh boleh balik sndiri je. x payah tunggu mak atau ayah jemput. huhu 😀


  29. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    ooo.. lawyer ke.. lebih kurang akak jgk la ye wkt akak f4 f5 tu. tp ni sume sbb pengaruh bahas la tu. tp bila dh fikir rasional semula, hehe, inilah kita skrg 🙂

    Bro Fisol:
    i wasnt a brilliant nor too kindy back then. i was just like any normal kids. sy suka tgk tv. suka main lasak2. suka makan byk2. hehe. wah! hebatnya k.mai! going to get her 2nd master! n u both tgh prepare for PhD kan. ya Allah. berilah sy nnti kekuatan utk terus n terus belajar. tp tu la kan. utk org pmpn, yg paling penting ialah ada pasangan yg memahami, menggalakkan dan dia pun sama2 nk belajar jgk. mcm ni baru best. bro, boleh aje nak puji2. x de hal. klu bro x puji isteri sendiri, sape lg nak puji kn. hihi 🙂

    ngah balik cuti nnti, kalau ada masa n dapat guna kereta sape2 yg x guna kereta dia, jom kita cabut lari lg. yahuuuuuuu.. happy sungguh ni tau!

    Kak Inah:
    walaupun akak x dpt penuhi impin nk jdi doktor, but yes! look at u now. master holder dlm umur yg sgt muda. setiap kali sbuat sy kagum dgn akak. nak jd mcm kak inah!! muda2 lg dh ada master..!! nak jd mcm kak inah!! huuuu…


  30. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    muahaha. kalau awk gelak baca komen dr.bubbles, sy gelak baca komen awk ni. when u mean depan, tu maksudnya betul2 depan tv menhadap mcm nak telan tv tu ye. muahaha. rynn ooo rynn. patut pn spect tebal (aiyo. sy ni x sedar diri betul. sndiri pn spect tebal. huhu) :p ala.. tadika tu sbnarnya tempat utk siap sediakn diri dr segi komunikasi n basic knowledge sblum masuk sekolah je kn. klu kt rmh pn ada komuniti yg boleh bentuk kita n kita boleh belajar ABC 123 kt rmh, so, terskip pn dh x de hal dh kn 🙂 rynn, sy x abis lg sengih ni ha 🙂

    sy mana ada manja pun baiz. tu sume kebetulan je jd part2 nangis tu sbb fobia kena balik rmh lambat lg. sbb taski yg sbelum tu jauh dr rumah. sy x suka jd org akhir yg balik dr taski. so bila 1st day kt tadika tu, sy terbayangkn gitu la. heheh.

    alalala mama mimie ni 🙂 bz dgn angel dia ye. hari2 ke mie duk rmh mak mertua? smpai dh elok ye? ni dh abis pantang kn? hehe. sian shazmin ye. kena berkngsi kasih skrg ni. ewah! mie, sy balik jun ni. mmg kita wajib jumpa! yeay. dpt jumpa sarah tomey tu 😀


  31. Sarah Mohd Shukor says on :

    Silent Reader:

    trima kasih sudi singgah sini shueqry. tp apa yg awk terkejutkan bila baca isi2nya? ada yg salah? kalau ada, tegur la sy.

    David Santos:
    alahai pakcik sorang ni. terima kasih bebanyak la ye.

    hehe. cute apanya kalau melalak sekuat alam ronta2 siap. huhu. oo. ramai jgk ye yg x ke tadika. tp x pegi tadika x bermaksud yg org tu kurang. kan. hehe.

    we never know what is destined for us in the future. though we are now doing medicine, we might end up becoming something else. ntah2 towards the end of our study, tiba2 accident ke apa ke, x dpt abiskn study n jd la benda lain. ya Allah.. tak terbayangkn apa la aturan Allah utk masa depan kita…


  32. one says on :

    mmm..may be it has sumthin to do wif figure 6,ha..u know what,u juz gimme an idea to add sumthin in my house


  33. AyUmi says on :

    dreamcatcher = novel stephen king.

    best buku ni. hahaha.

    * takde kaitan dengan entry. haha.


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