Crazy Days Are Over!

Assalamualaikum wbt

31 December 2015

I want to shout out to the world.

I have finally completed all my freaking crazy MBOR tasks!!! Tasks that had consumed majority of my time. Sleepless nights, restless daytime, handled kids alone while husband was away to US for two weeks, the kids went to sleep, I started working in front of laptop, I had to skip a few morning cooking for lunches and dinners, hence carry the consequence that I had to buy food for lunch, went back late at night, left home even before Izz woke up, and, had only a simple cupcake and cake eating out with my family in law for Izz Zamani’s 4th birthday on the December 29th. I feel sad that I had no time to bake for him which I routinely do every year.

But at the same time, I am very happy and proud of myself because I was able to complete everything (4 MBORs) just within 2 weeks before the final submission date. I don’t know whether I challenge myself to prove that I can do it or I am just a plain perfectionist!!! I gave my very best, 200% of effort to make sure what shall be provided will be there in the briefs. Because I know, due to this crazy perfectionism in me, I will benefit people who work or happen to be the patients later in the health facilities that I worked on.

May Allah bless me and all my colleagues. Only He knows how hardworking, how stressfull all of us are.

To my husband, thank you for handling the kids when I was busy and for allowing me to work even throughout the night on every other day basis. Haha.

And to me, dah pergi qada’ tidur and enjoy your long weekend.

Happy New Year everyone!

Keep benefiting people around us and around the globe!



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