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My Childhood Dreams

Assalamualaikum wbt

Oh. Help me. I miss my blog. I miss the green-orange background. I miss its smell. Eh? I miss its 19 blooming sunflowers. I miss the only Cik Butterfly. Wow. Very precise. 19-1. Eceh. My favorite number! 😎

Since I’ve gained a good book-licking mood (which makes me study till the book drops!), the mood has refrained me from putting even an eye on my blog. And now, my addiction kills my nerve. Hehe. Perhaps, blogging is my second drug that comes after coffee.

Yesterday, Kak Inah shared her chilhood dreams in her entry. Because she is a well known genius, she made it as a tag and I am one of the victims. So, what were my childhood dreams?

1) To cure and kill people with my two hands. Nauzubillahi min zaalik. 😛 Of course, nothing else but to become a doctor. I shared the story of my early days in school here. Highly recommended to read this post in order to get the idea of my primer childhood dream. But promise me, don’t laugh. 😀

2) To visit Kaabah. When I was 9 or 10, my Tok Lebak went for hajj and umrah a few times with her children and sisters. Later, my dad went there too. We were not rich back then. I always dream of going there with my Tok Lebak. I don’t know why. Maybe in my mind as a kid, I looked at her as an experienced person (since she has been there for more than twice). So, she could possibly guide me on how to perform the umrah or hajj. That’s why, one of my plans is to catch a stable economic status by age of 26 and I want to go to Makkah Al-Mukarammah with my parents, my Tok Lebak and Tok Penang. Amin.

3) I want to own a house and set up a mini library in it. Everything was inspired by both my father and mother. They have plenty of book collections at home. The book shelves are congested with books ranging from 70s to the most recent years. First and foremost, I want to upgrade the book keeping system in my house and later, when I have my own house, I want a special room dedicated for book keeping and reading purposes, Insya Allah.

4) I was a fan of Umbrella Band. Ok. Stop laughing. Hehe. One of my dreams was to meet them. Guess what. My dream came true! When I was in standard 5, they came to my town and on my way back from tuition at school, I stopped by at the Dataran Temerloh in front of Pelangi Supermarket (which is no longer there) somewhere at Lurah Semantan. But there’s nothing to proud of. Too lame and lagha to be remembered. :mrgreen:

5) To get married right after completing my first degree. I know, this dream won’t come true. 🙂

My dreams were very ordinary. I am an ordinary girl who comes from an ordinary family. Therefore, I never wish for something extraordinary. But if happens that Allah wants to grant me some, I’ll accept them with arms wide open. 😀

Mind to share your childhood dreams? Please do. I would love to read them. 🙂


Note 1: My Google Reader has 100 plus new entries from my dear friends! Will catch them up this weekend. *Looking at the calender thinking what will I have for the weekend*

Note 2: The photo was taken during the ‘radio buruk’ incident in 1991. 😆

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Tiga Tag Sekali Harung

Assalamualaikum wbt

Sepanjang minggu ini, saya ditag oleh tiga orang yang berbeza. Saya sudah katakan kepada mereka saya akan menyelesaikannya di hujung minggu ini.

Pertamanya, saya ditag oleh Ainul. Saya mendapat anugerah Cute Blogger Award.  Tak cute pun boleh rasa cute sekejap. Hehe. Apa-apalah kan. Terima kasih. Anugerah ini disertakan dengan tag. Saya layankan sajalah. Sedang mamai lagi ni. 10 fakta tentang diri saya dan 10 orang untuk diberikan anugerah ini juga tag untuk mereka.

Saya ni dah tua dah sebenarnya. Tak sesuai langsung dah dengan tag-tag semua ni. Jadi untuk memendekkan cerita, dulu saya pernah senaraikan 15 fakta tentang diri saya di entri ini. Tapi perlukan 10 sajakan? Lagi 5 tu kira ‘beli 10 percuma 5’ lah ya, Ainul. :mrgreen:

Keduanya, saya ditag oleh Fatt di Facebook. Saya tidak aktif dengan Facebook saya. Jadi, saya memang takkan menjawab di Facebook saya. Saya diminta menyenaraikan 25 fakta tentang diri. Lagi sekali, hal fakta-fakta diri menjadi topik tag yang diminati.

Juga untuk memendekkan masa, di atas tadi kiranya sudah ada 10 fakta kan? Kita main tambah-tambah sajalah ya. Jimat ruang pun iya juga. 10 fakta boleh ambil di entri ini tadi. Lagi 8 fakta di entri ini. Dan baki lagi 7 fakta di entri ini. 10+8+7=25 kan? Ok. Selesai. Ini semuanya tag-tag lama yang pernah saya buat sejak tahun 2007. Terimalah dengan hati terbuka ya, Fatt. 😆

Ketiganya, saya ditag oleh Farah Ramlee. Segala soalan tag perlu dijawab menggunakan huruf awal nama saya.

1. What is your name: Sarah

2. A four Letter Word: Solo 😆

3. A boy’s Name: Salman (Of course I remember my twin!)

4. A girl’s Name: Shazwani (the best junior of mine!)

5. An occupation: Saxophonist (Punyalah dah tak terfikir yang lain) 😆

6. A color: Sapphire

7. Something you’ll wear: Shawl. The Arabian style. 😛

9. A food: Shaurma and shashlik :mrgreen:

10. Something found in the bathroom: Shampoo, soap and shaver

11. A place: Seoul (Because of some personal reasons. Huhu)

12. A reason for being late: Overslept. Sesak. Sesat. Huhu.

13. Something you’d shout: Aisssssshhh. Hari-hari pun ada jerit macam ni kot. Tak ikut rules dah ni. Layan sajalah ya, Farah. 😀

14. A movie title: Sepi (Puas nak fikir ni. Tak tahu dah apa yang lain)

15. Something you drink: Sok (It’s a Russian word. The meaning is juice. Hehehe)

16. A musical group: Sheila on 7 😎

17. An animal: Salamander. It has adorable eyes!

18. A street name: Jalan Semarak KL je lah.

19. A type of car: Serena

20. The title of a song: Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang by Imran Ajmain 😉

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An Unusual Lazy Saturday

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ainul tagged me two weeks ago. As usual, I don’t put much interest in doing tags. But anyway, here it goes. This is how I spend my unusual lazy Saturday.

::Do you think you are hot?
Impossible in any way.

::Upload your favourite picture of you.

::Why do you like that picture?
This is my first picture captured with a moving metro, the famous subway in Russia. I was having a day out with my buddy. She snapped this one for me.

::When is your last time you ate Pizza?
Last week. Home made pizza by Diba. I don’t enjoy cheesy meals that much.

::The last song you listen to?
You Belong To Me – guitar and vocal cover by someone.

::What are you doing right now beside this?
Purposely killing my time sitting in front of my laptop doing this tag. I’m planning to go to the market to get some groceries after Zuhur.

::What name would you prefer beside yours?
Aya. A nickname given by comrades in KISAS during orientation week. It lasts still. It sounds like a Japanese name. For real, it was actually extracted out from the word ‘ayam’. I know you’re laughing. But there was a story lying behind this.

::People I tag.

::Who is number one?
My elder sister, Kaklong. My enemy, my other half and my juxtaposed hidden soul.

::Number 3 is having relationship with?
Hidayah is my cousin. A third year undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. I don’t think she dates someone at the moment.

::Say something about no 5.
Maya is my cousin (this one is from Penang side). She is my age. She works and stays with family in Shah Alam. She is a Quantity Surveyor. I don’t know her that much. We know each other when we were 18. How weird it is. Again, there’s a story behind this. I’m still working on to know her more, or, to introduce myself more. Nevertheless, we cope up easily and we have great sense of humor when we are together. However long the night, the dawn will break. Isn’t it?

::How about number 4?
Linda is also my dear cousin. Hidayah’s sister. An undergraduate in Pure Physics. She talks less than Hidayah but acts faster in everything. Except one thing. She’s clumsy. She easily forgets her stuffs including the very important one.

::Who is number 2?
Nisa is my best cousin. The bestest one. She is my age. We compete in almost everything since childhood. We were like two rivals who wanted to prove who did better in exams, competitions and all. But we ended up getting the same results. We are copycat of each other. Except in two things. She’s more beautiful and much taller than me. Currently she’s in IIUM Kuantan completing her medical school. She was offered to do medicine in Russia too but she rejected it. There we go, in our own separated ways.

All five of them do read blogs but they don’t blog. Hahaha. So, this tag basically stops here.

Note: Home is where my heart is. Nothing can’t beat that. Hmm.

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Assalamualaikum wbt

Di kemuncak musim sejuk, Isyak masuk sekitar jam 5.45 petang dan Subuh pula masuk sekitar 6.30 pagi. Menjadi kebiasaan ketika cuti musim sejuk, ramai yang solat Isyak di awal waktu, tidur awal dan bangun sekitar 8 pagi kerana masih dalam waktu Subuh.

Ketika di tahun satu, beginilah saya menikmati musim cuti. Masih budak-budak. Asyik fikir hendak tidur saja. Tambahan pula, bila tengok kawan-kawan yang lain tidur, kita pun hilang punca tidak tahu hendak berbuat apa lagi. Paling habis, di malam hari kami menonton filem beramai-ramai dengan rakan se-batch, bermain Uno Card dan bagi kaki ping-pong seperti saya, sangguplah kami turun ke tingkah bawah hostel (Pushkin Hostel) semata-mata untuk bermain ping-pong sehingga jam 3 pagi.

Ketika itu, kemudahan internet hanya boleh didapati di Cyber Cafe di tingkat 4 hostel tersebut. Harganya dahlah mahal. Jadi terpaksalah berfikir dua kali untuk kerap ke sana. Tapi, perkhidmatan telefon sangat murah. Ada pelbagai pakej yang ditawarkan. Ada tiga buah syarikat utama di sini. Megafon, MTC dan Beeline. Saya memilih Megafon kerana perkhidmatannya sangat murah dan ketika itu selalu berlaku crossline yang membolehkan kami menelefon Malaysia dengan percuma.

Kalau crossline sedang berlaku, habis tersebar luas di kalangan kami semua rakyat Malaysia di tingkat 13 dan 14 itu. Semua pun apa lagi. Pakat menelefon keluarga atau kawan masing-masing sementara crossline masih terjadi. Tapi kalau crossline di tengah malam buta waktu Malaysia, untuk orang seperti saya, tak dapatlah hendak menghubungi sesiapa kerana keluarga pun sedang tidur.

Megafon ketika itu menawarkan 3 pakej perkhidmatan (seperti Celcom dulu-dulu). Ada O’lite, Ultralite dan Fix. Saya menggunakan O’lite. Kosnya hanya 1 sen USD per SMS (ke mana saja) dan 3 sen USD per minit panggilan di dalam Moscow. Bagi Ultralite pula, panggilan sesama Ultralite adalah percuma. Cubalah bayangkan. Betapa murah kos penggunaan telefon kami ketika itu.

Tapi, apa kaitannya cuti musim sejuk dengan perkhidmatan telefon semua ini ya?

Hehe. Saya pernah berbual dengan seorang kawan dari pukul 11 malam sehingga 6 pagi ketika musim sejuk dulu-dulu menggunakan perkhidmatan Ultralite yang percuma itu. Saya tiada Ultralite tapi berjaya meminjam abang senior sebelah bilik punya. Dan kawan saya juga tiada Ultralite tetapi dia meminjam kawannya punya. Habis berbual, hari sudah Subuh. Selesai solat Subuh, barulah tidur sepuas-puasnya. Bijak sungguh kami mengguna pakai peluang yang ada!

Sangatlah tiada kehidupan ketika itu, kan. Moscow dulu dan sekarang sangatlah berbeza. Warga Malaysia di Moscow dulu dan sekarang juga sudah sangat berbeza.

Tag dari Kak Inah yang bertangguh lama dah. Gambar kandid spontan katanya. Saya ni masih tak ada kamera baru lagi. Hari tu Fareena tiba-tiba ambilkan gambar ni ketika saya bertugas di bahagian paramedik perempuan untuk Liga Futsal, kira spontan jugalah ye Kak Inah. Ini kenangan dengan Fiza Si Comel. Jangan nangis-nangis dah ye Fiza. Kita orang perempuan ni ada banyak benda yang kena beralah dan jaga =) (simbolik kegemukan yang sedang saya alami!)

Nota 1: Jangan buat macam saya ye. Orang lain bergayut boleh meninggikan diri. Saya bergayut tak tinggi-tinggi juga. Aishh…

Nota 2: Musim sejuk juga kami di sini kuat beribadah. Ramai yang rajin berpuasa sunat. Maklum sajalah. Siang pendek. Hikmahnya juga sangat bagus. Taklah cepat gemuk. Jadi apa lagi. Buat kawan-kawan di Moscow, kita lancarkan kempen puasa sunat ye. Sikitpun tak rugi untuk jasmani apatah lagi rohani. Hehe.

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Lima Belas

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ditag lagi. Tengah-tengah malam ni saya layankan sajalah si Jinggo-Jinggo ini. Ditag oleh Farah. Siapa Jinggo? Adik saya si Adnan tu mempunyai kawan-kawan baik yang rapat sejak zaman belajar di MMU dulu. Ada 7 orang semuanya: Adnan, Adeep, Najib, Salman, Farah, Azra dan Faezah (Kak Ngah tak silap kan wahai Jinggo sekelian?). Bila ada masa lapang, saya mesti buka blog Jinggos ini. Saya suka mengikuti perkembangan zaman belajar dan kini zaman bekerja mereka. Sesungguhnya saya cemburu melihat persahabatan mereka yang sangat erat. Saya sungguh cemburu. Mari buat tag cepat-cepat. Lepas ini kena sambung baca buku. 15 perkara pelik/habit/fakta tentang saya.

1) Suka nescafe saja.
2) Tak boleh makan benda manis sangat. Terus sakit kepala.
3) Suka tengok jari orang lain.
4) Allergic to fresh red meats namely beaf and mutton.
5) Suka cuba mengingati semula mimpi sampai berjaya.
6) Tak suka orang yang tak punctual.
7) Serius dalam kelas/hospital.
8) Suka mandi tengah malam buta. Tak mahu mengantuk.
9) Saya bercakap laju. 100 km/j. Diakui ramai.
10) Bersifat ignorant yang tegar.
11) Tak pernah guna aku-engkau. Saya guna saya-awak/kamu saja.
12) Saya geli dengan orang Melayu yang suka ber I-You sesama Melayu.
13) Saya tak reti bergambar. Semua gambar saya mesti tak menjadi.
14) Apa saya rasa, saya pendam. Bukan peluah.
15) Tak suka dipuji. Saya tak reti bezakan pujian atau sindiran. Silap-silap, saya boleh jadi tak suka pada orang yang memuji itu.

Ada sedikit info tambahan hasil selongkaran berjaya di sini dan saya tak mahu tag sesiapa.

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